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Selected Poems

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko

Publication Year: 2014

The poet Arkadii Dragomoshchenko made his debut in underground magazines in the late Soviet period, and developed an elliptic, figural style with affinities to Moscow metarealism, although he lived in what was then Leningrad. Endarkenment brings together revisions of selected translations by Lyn Hejinian and Elena Balashova from his previous American titles, long out of print, with translations of new work carried out by Genya Turovskaya, Bela Shayevich, Jacob Edmond, and Eugene Ostashevsky. This chronological arrangement of Dragomoshchenko's writing represents the heights of his imaginative poetry and fragmentary lyricism from perestroika to the time of his death. His language--although "perpetually incomplete" and shifting in meaning--remains fresh and transformative, exhibiting its roots in Russian Modernism and its openness to the poet's Language School contemporaries in the United States. The collection is a crucial English introduction to Dragomoshchenko's work. It is also bilingual, with Russian texts that are otherwise hard to obtain. It also includes a foreword by Lyn Hejinian, an essay on how the poetry reads in Russian, a biography, and a list of publications. Check for the online reader's companion at endarkenment.site.wesleyan.edu.

Published by: Wesleyan University Press


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pp. ix-1

The great Russian poet Arkadii Dragomoshchenko passed away on September 12, 2012. Born on February 3, 1946, in Potsdam, Germany, he spent his childhood in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, which he experienced as a site at which numerous languages and cultures intersected and co-existed. At the time of his childhood, in addition to Ukrainian...

«Я не верю, что так закончилось . . . » / “I don’t believe that it ended like that . . ."

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pp. 2-3

«Разве твоя в том вина?» / “Is the fault really yours?”

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pp. 4-7

1. Из книги «На берегах исключенной реки» / From On the Shores of the Expelled River

«Повременим . . .» / “Let us halt”

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pp. 10-11

Политику / To a Statesman

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pp. 12-17

Сны, которые видят фотографов / Dreams Photographers Appear To

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pp. 18-19

Ослабление признака / The Weakening of an Indication

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pp. 20-23

«Не сон, а цветение . . . » / “Not dream, but the flowering . . .”

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pp. 24-25

За шесть часов до пробуждения / Six Hours to Waking If You Don’t Sleep

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pp. 26-27

По многим причинам / For Many Reasons

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pp. 28-31

Счет / Counting

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pp. 32-33

Вечер / An Evening

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pp. 34-35

«A мне и не убежать никуда . . . » / “And it’s not like I can run off somewhere . . .”

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pp. 36-37

«He следует особенно доверять поэтам . . . » / “We shouldn’t especially trust poets . . ."

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pp. 38-39

2. Из книги «Под подозрением» / From Under Suspicion

«Львиноголовые, бронзовокрылые . . . » / “Lion-headed, bronze-winged. . ."

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pp. 42-45

«Неистовство осеняло их лица . . . » / “Fury shadowed their faces . . .”

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pp. 46-51

Бумажные сны / Paper Dreams

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pp. 52-59

«Им ничего не снилось . . . » / “They dreamt of nothing . . .”

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pp. 60-63

«Зимняя империя дерева . . . » / “The tree’s wintry empire . . .”

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pp. 64-67

Отражения в золотом глазу / Reflections in a Golden Eye

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pp. 68-85

«Все приходило в упадок . . . » / “Everything was in decline . . .”

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pp. 86-95

« . . . вот они пишут стихи» / “. . . there they go, writing poems”

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pp. 96-99

3. Из книги «Небо соответствий» / From The Corresponding Sky

«На старости лет я сказал рабу . . . » / “In my declining years I said to the slave . . .”

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pp. 102-105

Настурция как реальность / Nasturtium as Reality

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pp. 106-141

Arkadii Trofimovich Dragomoshchenko: A Brief Biography and Bibliography

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pp. 142-144

Dragomoshchenko’s Russian

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pp. 145-156


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pp. 157-158

About the Authors

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E-ISBN-13: 9780819573933
Print-ISBN-13: 9780819573926

Page Count: 160
Publication Year: 2014

Edition: Bilingual Russian-English ed.

OCLC Number: 865334330
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