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River Of Earth

First published in 1940, James Still's masterful novel has become a classic. It is the story, seen through the eyes of a boy, of three years in the life of his family and their kin. He sees his parents pulled between the meager farm with its sense of independence and the mining camp with its uncertain promise of material prosperity. In his world privation, violence, and death are part of everyday life, accepted and endured. Yet it is a world of dignity, love, and humor, of natural beauty which Still evokes in sharp, poetic images. No writer has caught more effectively the vividness of mountain speech or shown more honestly the trials and joys of mountain life.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. pp. C-C1
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  1. Title Page, Copyright Page
  2. pp. i-iv
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  1. Foreword
  2. pp. v-x
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  1. I
  2. pp. 1-98
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  1. II
  2. pp. 99-166
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  1. III
  2. pp. 167-246
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