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Fointama: A Play

Kelvin Ngong Toh

Publication Year: 2013

This is a touching play that interrogates certain traditional mores by revisiting the archetypal themes of love, deceit, and regret. It depicts a society in which people do not have the right to express themselves and their emotions. The play is a tragedy that ends with some cleansing of a land ruined by greed and individualism.

Published by: African Books Collective


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pp. 1-1

Title Page, Copyright Page

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pp. 2-7


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pp. iii-iv

Dramatis Personae

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pp. v-vi

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pp. 1-4

A Grove

Enter the priest.
He is old and dressed in ritual attire.
He takes two steps to the left side of his grove,
Makes some incantations,
Pours some libations,
Sings a song of appeasement

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Scene I

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pp. 5-10

...serve your master until this wretched life of yours ends in this 1 In Kom mythology, Sowe is the main passage that separates the world of More than that, it cries. [Laughs out loud and claps his hands] ...

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Scene II

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pp. 11-20

A leader who gets in a natural jungle to feed the tamed jungle. Your presence by my side is like the aroma of a pleasant fruit. ...

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Scene III

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pp. 21-28

She is in love with him, [Moves up and down the stage restless.] The sound of cutlasses clash as the music reaches a crescendo and then My head is coming out of my body. [Hits his fore head violently.] I have never kept a secret from you. [Fetches some drinks which [He falls silent. Tosam mouth hangs open in surprise. Then he covers it ...

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Scene IV

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pp. 29-38

The setting should shift to demonstrate an early evening scene. The crickets are singing in a clear moon night. The bright moon Sounds of drums and ululations are heard from far off. They are roasting [In silence, they inspect cocoyams, scrub off the burnt parts and place [Ngoh picks his cocoyam again, scrubs it as before and puts it back ...

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Scene V

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pp. 39-42

But it is obvious from her facial appearance that she has come up dry. [To the Princess] That issue is partly solved. If you shall agree to ...

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Scene VI

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pp. 43-52

Enter the chief of Belo, the chief of Fuli. Hunters, maids, the Prince of The sharer of Njong takes his place and the different individuals [Fointama is brought in. He is tied with ropes. He is pushed down to as the Fon, our great ruler, hates such meetings. I, his faithful to come. [Pauses] Today?s case is suicidal. [Turns to his daughter] ...

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Scene VII

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pp. 53-56

Can?t we allow every ganakoh to carry his cattle stick? What is interesting in this case for you? The jungle says you and I are The problem is you, who is just a parrot passing for a griot. If you have to sing this farce of justice what shall be your song? is beautiful and its taste is full in the mouth. Who prepared it? ...

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Scene VIII

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pp. 57-60

Two boys, strong and dripping with sweat walk across front stage. But they show some sign of fear, an indication that it will be dangerous. He removes from his aged ridden bag an old animal skin mat which he satisfactorily handle it to please the gods until you come in to Yet in their escape, the lion gets one and a noble lion, it takes ...

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Scene IX

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pp. 61-64

Fointama is led to the centre from the left stage by three Nikang To speak the truth, I was her royal princess?s guest on the day She did not. I also cannot tell who attacked her for truly I saw [Listening to the discussion shakes his head in pity. Then in a weak ...

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Scene X

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pp. 65-68

[In the Princess’s Chamber]

Could the world be so cruel to me? How can my struggle turn against me? Fointama! No you do not deserve to die! [She weeps bitterly.]
[Enter the chief of Fuli.]

My dear Princess, what moves you to these endless tears? Your enemy has been eliminated. So...

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Scene XI

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pp. 69-70

I must go after her. I must do this to atone for my sin against ...

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pp. 71-72

Still in the grove as in the prologue

After my tale, what again shall you say son?

Oh pity. Then, the prince of Belo is still alive,
I fear worse things may happen.
I hear the people say for injustice to stop, they need a people’s government and not blood...

Back cover

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pp. 84-84

E-ISBN-13: 9789956791163
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956791736

Page Count: 82
Publication Year: 2013

OCLC Number: 867742245
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