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This book brings together experts primarily from the fields of criminology, criminal justice, law, and social work, but also cultural anthropology and psychology, to analyze clergy sexual abuse from the perspective of their individual disciplines. Contributors examine the latest data and analyses on the scope and impact of clergy sexual abuse, frame the problem in terms of sociological and criminological theories of crime and deviance, explore the social and legal issues the problem raises for the personal and communal life of faith communities, and discuss possibilities for reform, reconciliation, and healing. Covering sexual abuse of both minors and adults, chapters not only focus on the Catholic Church, but also examine Christian faith traditions more generally. The editors' introductory chapter identifies points of agreement and divergence among the essays, develops a coherent overview of the problem, and presents viable solutions to it.

Table of Contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. pp. 1-1
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  1. Title Page, Series Page, Copyright, Dedication
  2. pp. 2-7
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  1. Contents
  2. pp. vii-viii
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  1. Preface
  2. pp. ix-xii
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  1. 1. An Introduction to Social Science Perspectives on the Problem of Clergy Sexual Abuse
  2. pp. 1-17
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  1. 2. Understanding the Response to Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests: A Criminal Justice Perspective
  2. pp. 18-36
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  1. 3. The Interplay of Psychological and Institutional Factors in Sexual Abuse by Roman Catholic Clergy
  2. pp. 37-59
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  1. 4. Contingent Crimes: Exploring the Sexual Abuse of Children by Clerics from a Situational Crime Perspective
  2. pp. 60-89
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  1. 5. The Priest and Catholic Culture as Symbolic System of Purity
  2. pp. 90-117
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  1. 6. Don’t Call It an Affair: Understanding and Preventing Clergy Sexual Misconduct with Adults
  2. pp. 118-143
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  1. About the Contributors
  2. pp. 173-176
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  1. Index
  2. pp. 177-188
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