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Cyperus to Scleria

Robert H. Mohlenbrock

Publication Year: 2001

This second edition of Sedges: Cyperus to Scleria brings up to date the identification of species of sedges in Illinois (except Carex) since publication of the first edition in 1976.

During the intervening years, several additions to the sedge flora of Illinois have been made, and many new distributional records have been added. Also, a large number of nomenclatural changes have taken place, resulting in several alterations of scientific names. New illustrations have been provided for all of the additions. 


In his introductory material, Robert H. Mohlenbrock discusses the morphology of sedges and the habitats where they can be found. Although the semitechnical keys and descriptions are familiar to experienced botanists, he has simplified them as much as possible to accommodate the novice in sedge identification. He has also included a new key to the sedges and to each genus in which additional species have been added.


For each species, Mohlenbrock has provided a description, statement of habitat and range, Illinois distribution map, discussion, synonymy, and line illustrations showing its diagnostic features. Sedges: Cyperus to Scleria contains 128 illustrations.

Published by: Southern Illinois University Press

Series: Illustrated Flora of Illinois


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pp. 1-1

Title Page, Copyright, Dedication

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pp. vii-9

List of Illustrations

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pp. ix-xii

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Preface to the Second Edition

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pp. xiii-xiv

Since the publication of the first edition of Sedges: Cyperus to Scleria in 1976, six additional taxa of sedges have been discovered in Illinois that are properly placed in this volume. In addition, numerous nomenclatural changes have occurred for plants already known from the state, and many distributional records have been added. This second edition of Sedges: Cyperus to Scleria is intended to update the status of sedges in Illinois...

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pp. xv-xvii

The sedges of Illinois will appear in two volumes of The Illustrated Flora of Illinois series. It follows publication of the ferns of Illinois and four volumes on the monocotyledonous plants of Illinois.
The Illustrated Flora of Illinois is a multivolumed flora of the state of Illinois, designed to present every group of plants, from algae and fungi through mosses, liverworts, and lichens, to ferns and seed plants. A description will be provided for each kind of plant known to occur in Illinois, along with illustrations showing the diagnostic features of each species. Distribution maps and ecological notes will be included. Keys to aid in easy...

County Map of Illinois

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This volume is the first of two devoted to a group of plants known as sedges, belonging to the family Cyperaceae. This first part of the treatment of Illinois sedges contains the genera Cyperus, Dulichium, Eleocharis, Fimbristylis, Bulbostylis, Lipocarpha, Fuirena, Scirpus, Eriophorum, Rhynchospora, Cladium, and Scleria. The second volume is concerned only with the genus Carex. The plants in this family produce flowers, although the flowers are greatly reduced and do not possess any colorful petallike structures. To many amateurs, the sedges are often not distinguished from the similarly appearing grasses...

Illustrated Key to the GENERA of Cyperaceae in Illinois

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pp. 11-14

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Descriptions and Illustrations

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pp. 15-180

Annual or perennial herbs; culms frequently triangular, usually with solid internodes; leaves alternate, 3-ranked; sheaths usually closed; ligule mostly present; inflorescence composed of 1-several spikelets variously arranged; spikelets 1- to several-flowered; flowers usually perfect (unisexual in Scleria and Carex), without a true perianth, the perianth reduced to scales, bristles, or absent; each flower subtended by a scale; stamens 1-3; ovary 1-celled, superior, with 1 ovule; stigmas 2 or 3; fruit a lenticular or trigonous achene...

Appendix: Additions and Changes to the First Edition

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pp. 181-210

Summary of the Taxa Treated in this Volume

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pp. 213-216

Literature Cited

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pp. 217-220

Index of Plant Names

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pp. 221-223

About the Author, Back Cover

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pp. 243-244

E-ISBN-13: 9780809390069
Print-ISBN-13: 9780809323586

Page Count: 240
Publication Year: 2001

Series Title: Illustrated Flora of Illinois
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OCLC Number: 842966190
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