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A HalfMan Dreaming
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A HalfMan Dreaming conjures into existence an apocalyptic storyline that takes its narrator, Lupe, from a childhood encounter with the Enola Gay on the edge of the Californian desert, to the war in Vietnam, to prison in Detroit. Filled with confusion, anger, and shame at the things that he has seen and done, Lupe struggles to find his way out of the maze of violence and racism that is Postwar America. With lyrical intensity and pyrotechnic prose, A HalfMan Dreaming weaves together history, archaeology, and mythology in a Melville-ian quest to discover the Leviathan heart of America’s love affair with death and destruction.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page, Copyright, Acknowledgments, Dedication
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  1. Introduction
  2. pp. ix-xii
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  1. Book I. Exit Chino
  2. pp. 1-132
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  1. Book II. Downriver Crow
  2. pp. 133-224
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  1. Book III. In Out O
  2. pp. 225-290
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  1. Book V.
  2. pp. 291-292
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  1. About the Author
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