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R�ussite scolaire, Faillite Sociale
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Two volumes of school textbooks have notably led to self repulsion and attraction by the other peculiar to the black African elite. These are the collection put together by the missionary brothers Macaire and Grill: Mamadou et Bineta authored by AndrÈ Davesne alone or in collaboration with J. Gouin. To have an understanding of the kind of scholar produced by the foreign school in the colonies a century after, it is worthwhile retracing the itinerary, followed through readings by generation of pupils, to know the sources that fed their imaginationÖ. Out of tune with the universe of their birth, unable to efficiently concretize school teaching, but having certainly perceived that education and education alone is the new pedigree of distinction, school pupils have had to simulate the appropriation of fetishist models of knowledge without necessarily assimilating the spirit of the new civilization and much less taking the challenge to preserve self integrity redeemed through a complaisant dependence that spares from taking any action by fear of doing wrong or being called to order by the overbearing world. If not, how can one explain, in spite of the material and symbolic crises, that the elite since independence have not initiated a discursive strategy for another effective school system? Now, with aspiration or repugnance to discontinuity, the intentions are to rid Africa of the unhealthy residual French complexes in order to engage on the path of double acknowledgement and difference. This seems the most likely to restore trust amongst the peoples and to assure the endorsement of men worthy of being called such.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Title Page, Copyright
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  1. Sommaire
  2. pp. v-vii
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  1. Avant propos
  2. pp. ix-xiv
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  1. Corpus
  2. pp. xv-xvii
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  1. Chapitre 1 École et conflit hégémonique
  2. pp. 1-22
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  1. Chapitre 2 L’École comme enjeu stratégique dansl’imaginaire et dans l’histoire
  2. pp. 23-70
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  1. Chapitre 3 Enseigner sans instruire :le livre d’idéologie
  2. pp. 71-100
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  1. Chapitre 4 Réussite scolaire, faillite sociale
  2. pp. 101-138
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  1. Chapitre 5 Enseigner et détruire : le livre depsychagogie
  2. pp. 139-200
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  1. Chapitre 6 La chaise vide du père et l’ébranlement dusujet
  2. pp. 201-222
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  1. Aperçu bibliographique
  2. pp. 223-229
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