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Independent Language Learning
Independent learning is not a new concept for language educators but while teachers, curriculum designers and policy makers have embraced it as underpinning modern notions of education, it remains a dynamic and vibrant field for researchers and academics who aim to broaden its scope and deepen our understanding of how it may be applied most effectively both inside and outside the classroom. The book’s authors use their experience of applying the concepts related to independent learning in various geographical, cultural and pedagogical tertiary level learning contexts to present new perspectives on how independent learning can inform and support policy, teaching methodology, curriculum development and the nurturing of successful learners. While the first section of the book provides a view of the field from three broad curriculum development viewpoints, the remaining chapters primarily focus on the experience of learners, teachers and curriculum developers in applying principles of learner autonomy, self-regulation and self-direction with various types of learner – each with their own identities, motivations, expectations and goals. These learner and teacher stories provide insights that are important for an understanding of some of the impacts an independent learning approach to language learning have on learners in various educational contexts. This book will be of value to pre-service and in-service teachers, curriculum developers and teacher educators working in diverse educational contexts in more fully appreciating the contribution an independent learning focus can make to successful learning.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Frontmatter
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  1. Contents
  2. pp. v-vi
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  1. Contributors
  2. pp. vii-viii
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  1. Introduction
  2. p. 1
  1. Building on experience, seeking new perspectives
  2. pp. 3-10
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  1. Section 1 - Emerging perspectives
  2. p. 11
  1. 1. Inside independent learning: Old and new perspectives
  2. pp. 13-23
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  1. 2. Learner autonomy, self-assessment and language tests: Towards a new assessment culture
  2. pp. 25-39
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  1. 3. Strategic and self-regulated learning for the 21st century: The merging of skill, will and self-regulation
  2. pp. 41-54
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  1. Section 2 - The independent learner
  2. p. 55
  1. 4. Identity and learner autonomy in doctoral study: International students’ experiences in an Australian university
  2. pp. 57-71
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  1. 5. I’m not giving up! Maintaining motivation in independent language learning
  2. pp. 73-85
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  1. 6. Research methods to investigate emotions in independent language learning: A focus on think-aloud verbal protocols
  2. pp. 87-100
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  1. Section 3 - Supporting the independent learner
  2. p. 101
  1. 7. Achieving your GOAL: A case study of three learners
  2. pp. 103-118
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  1. 8. On the road to self-directed learning: A language coaching case study
  2. pp. 119-129
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  1. 9. Developing learner autonomy through peer teaching experiences
  2. pp. 131-144
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  1. 10. Developing the ARC: Creating an online autonomy resource centre
  2. pp. 145-155
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  1. 11. Autonomous learners in digital realms: Exploring strategies for effective digital language learning
  2. pp. 157-171
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  1. 12. ePortfolios for independent language learning: Episodic innovation or lasting reform?
  2. pp. 173-186
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  1. Index
  2. pp. 187-190
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