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Listening to Our Elders

In 2011, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) turned one hundred years old. But our profession is endlessly beginning, constantly transforming itself and its purpose as new voices and identities claim their rights in our classrooms and in our country. The recognition of such claims, however, does not occur without a struggle, without collective work.  
  Listening to our Elders attempts to capture the history of those collective moments where teachers across grade levels and institutions of higher education organized to insure that the voices, heritages, and traditions of their students and colleagues were recognized within our professional organizations as a vital part of our classrooms and our discipline. In doing so, Listening to Our Elders demonstrates this recognition was not always easily given. Instead, whether the issue was race, sexuality, class, or disability, committed activist organizations have often had to push against the existing limits of our field and its organizations to insure a broader sense of common responsibility and humanity was recognized. 
  Listening to Our Elders features interviews with Malea Powell (Native American Caucus), Joyce Rain Anderson (Native American Caucus), Jeffery Paul Chan (Asian/Asian American), James Hill (Black Caucus), James Dolmage (Committee for Disability Issue in College Composition), Geneva Smitherman (Language Policy Commitee), Carlota Cárdenas de Dwyer (Latino/a Caucus), Victor Villanueva (Latino/a Caucus), Louise Dunlap (Progressive Caucus), Karen Hollis (Progressive Caucus), Louie Crew (Queer Caucus), William Thelin (Working Class Culture and Pedagogy SIG), Bill Macauley (Working Class Culture and Pedagogy SIG).

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
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  1. Introduction Listening to Our Elders
  2. pp. 1-5
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  1. American Indian Caucus. “We wanted to have an open and welcoming space”: An Interview with Malea Powell
  2. pp. 6-20
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  1. “Work to be done”. Native Americans and Visibility in English Studies: An Interview with Joyce Rain Anderson
  2. pp. 21-27
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  1. Black Caucus: A Conversation with James Hill
  2. pp. 45-55
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  1. Language Policy Committee. “Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution”: A conversation with Geneva Smitherman on Language, Power, and Social Change
  2. pp. 87-121
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  1. Latino/a Caucus. Chicana Trailblazer in NCTE/CCCC: An Interview with Carlota Cárdenas de Dwyer
  2. pp. 122-133
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  1. “When I came to the Caucus...”: An Interview with Victor Villanueva
  2. pp. 134-144
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  1. Progressive Caucus. Combating Institutional Neutrality: Remembering the Progressive Composition Caucus with Louise Dunlap, Karyn Hollis, and Frank Gaik
  2. pp. 145-154
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  1. Queer Caucus. Renaming Curiosity/Resisting Ignorance: Interviewing Queerness
  2. pp. 155-174
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  1. Working-Class Culture & Pedagogy SIG and Bring-A-Book
  2. pp. 189-193
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  1. Editor Profiles
  2. pp. 194-194
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