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In Black and White

An Interpretation of the South

Lily Hardy Hammond Edited by Elna C. Green

Publication Year: 2008

“Our problem is not racial, but human and economic. . . . We hold the Negro racially responsible for conditions common to all races on his economic plane.” The writings of reformer Lily Hardy Hammond (1859-1925) are filled with such forthright criticisms of southern white attitudes toward African Americans--enough so that her stature as a southern progressive thinker would seem assured. Yet Hammond, who once stood at the intellectual center of the southern women's social gospel movement and was in her time the South's most prolific female writer on the “race question,” has been marginalized.

This volume reprints In Black and White, the most important of Hammond's ten books, along with a sampling of the dozens of articles she published. Elna C. Green's biographical introduction tells of Hammond's marriage to a prominent Methodist minister and educator. It also traces Hammond's career within the context of prevailing gender and racial attitudes in the Jim Crow South. Hammond, who had roots in Methodist home mission work, was also active in such secular and ecumenical organizations as the Southern Sociological Congress, the Commission on Interracial Cooperation, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Hammond worked alongside blacks to promote education, improve living conditions, and stop lynching. As a suffragist and temperance advocate, she urged the leaders of those largely white women's movements to partner with African Americans.

Historians of religion, social science, and race relations will welcome the reintroduction of this remarkable but virtually forgotten figure.

Published by: University of Georgia Press

Series: The Publications of the Southern Texts Society


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p. v

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Introduction to This Edition

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pp. vii-liii

My first encounter with Lily Hammond's In Black and White was through Anne Scott's pioneering book The Southern Lady. Scott, who later noted her "accidental discovery" of In Black and White, placed Hammond in the foreground of southern white women of "advanced thinking" at the turn of the century ...

List of Lily Hardy Hammond's Publications

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pp. lv-lvii


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Introduction [to the First Edition]

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pp. 3-5

The problem of the South to-day is how to find voices and hearings for her best thoughts and sentiments. Especially is this true in regard to the relationship between the races. Public sentiment rules. It rules the attitude of individuals. It makes and unmakes the laws. It enforces or neglects the laws that are made. ...

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I. In Terms of Humanity

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pp. 6-18

There is nothing except love itself which so adds to the richness and charm of life as a sense of wide horizons. One breathes in freedom under a wide sky, catching the proper perspective for life, and setting large and small in their true relations. The burdens and hindrances which press so close in a narrow, ...

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II. The Basis of Adjustment

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pp. 19-38

In a newspaper of a Southern city I read recently a report of the court proceedings of the day before. The first case tried was that of a white man, some thirty years of age, who had violated the white slave law.1 He had abducted a girl of sixteen from her home, and was using her for immoral gain. The judge, ...

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III. Houses and Homes

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pp. 39-56

Long ago, when I was a child, a grown-up cousin took me driving one afternoon behind a pair of his thoroughbreds. As we swept over the long shell road through autumn sunshine, with the pine trees singing overhead and the wind whitening the waves in the harbour beyond, I came on one of those experiences known to ...

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IV. An Ounce of Prevention

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pp. 57-67

There is practical unanimity in the South regarding the low moral standards of the Negro race as a whole. We admit that there are exceptions to the rule; we always know a few personally. But the overwhelming consensus of opinion is that Negroes generally are dirty, untruthful, and immoral; and beyond and ...

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V. Human Wreckage

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pp. 68-80

But what of the wreckage already achieved? What of that fragment of the worldwide ruin most in evidence to our consciousness -- the criminals, young and old, of both races, who fill our Southern jails, and work in all possible publicity of disgrace, chained and striped, upon our streets? ...

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VI. Service and Coöperation

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pp. 81-97

If I were asked what the mass of the Negroes most need that we should give them, I think only one answer could be given which would go to the root of the whole matter. And that deepest need is not at all a Negro need, but a human one: we ourselves, as a people, share it profoundly. ...

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VII. Those Who Come After Us

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pp. 98-104

Being parents is the deepest thing in life. It runs away back of humanity, out into the wild, free places, where the bird broods high in air, and the weed pours all its being into its seed, and dies. It is doubtless this blood-kinship stirring in us what we yearn for the woods, and the mountains, and the sea; some inarticulate inner ...

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VIII. The Great Adventure

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pp. 105-112

I cannot close this little book without a word concerning those whose childhood is behind them, and who are soon to take their places in that great array of toilers whose hands are moulding the world's life in the present. Life looms before them as the Great Adventure, wherein difficulties and trials may await them, ...


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"Woman's Work for Woman" (1895)

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pp. 115-121

Some of you know of that grand chapter in the acts of the apostles, which John Paton and his followers have been writing these forty years among the cannibals of the South Seas.1 Planted in the shadow of death, watered with tears, the good seed sprang up in that desolate soil, and brought forth fruit a hundredfold. ...

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"A Southern View of the Negro" (1903)

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pp. 122-128

Whatever antagonism exists between the Southern whites and the negroes is pretty well known in all its phases to the country at large; but the more hopeful aspects of their mutual relations seem little understood beyond our own borders. It is known, for instance, that many Southern people hope for no solution of the ...

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"A Black-and-White Christmas" (1915)

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pp. 129-131

All over Southern Methodism has swept the Christmas fever of brightening the lives of the poor with a few of those comforts and luxuries which are everyday affairs to the well-to-do. Thousands of Christmas baskets have been sent out to those whose Christmas dinners would otherwise have been either entirely lacking ...

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"Southern Women and Racial Adjustment" (1917)

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pp. 132-154

The manners and morals of every community reflect the standards sanctioned or permitted by its privileged women. Individuals stand above this common level, blazing ethical trails into the unmoral wilderness of our wider human associations, and draw after them, here and there, adventurous groups; but there can be ...


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pp. 155-160

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Page Count: 224
Publication Year: 2008

Series Title: The Publications of the Southern Texts Society
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OCLC Number: 613678289
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