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南部吴语鱼韵今读的层次有学者在相关研究中已经涉及,例如梅祖麟(2001)、陈忠敏(2013)。本文在前人研究的基础上对南部吴语鱼韵的层次进行进一步的研究,认为南部吴语鱼韵今读有八个层次,分别为:层次Ⅰ:鱼麻合韵。层次Ⅱ:鱼韵独立。层次Ⅲ:鱼侯合韵。层次Ⅳ和层次Ⅴ都是鱼支合韵。层次Ⅴ是层次Ⅳ个别字脱落介音的结果。层次Ⅵ是鱼与支脂之微合韵。层次Ⅶ是层次Ⅵ的高化。层次Ⅷ:鱼虞合韵。层次Ⅰ是西汉层次,层次Ⅱ、层次Ⅲ是六朝 (魏晉南北朝)层次,层次Ⅳ和层次Ⅴ都是六朝时期鱼韵发生音变的结果。层次Ⅵ和层次Ⅶ是六朝以后的层次。层次Ⅷ是晚唐五代(五代十国)层次。论文还讨论了辨析同源层次和异源层次的方法,认为层次Ⅰ、层次Ⅱ、层次Ⅲ、层次Ⅳ、层次Ⅴ、层次Ⅵ和层次Ⅶ都是南部吴语在自身发展中因词汇扩散而形成的同源层次,层次Ⅷ是异源层次。论文还构拟了同源层次的发展过程。


There are scholars who have already done some research on the sound strata of Yu鱼rhyme in Southern Wu dialects such as Mei Zulin (2001) and Chen Zhongmin (2013). Accordingly, this article presents a further research, which has found eight sound strata of Yu鱼 rhyme in Southern Wu dialects. Layer I merges into the Yu鱼 and Ma麻 rhymes. Layer II is that Yu鱼 rhyme stands alone. Layer III merges into the Yu鱼 and Hou侯 rhymes. Layer IV and V are both Yu鱼 and Zhi支 rhymes, sharing the same pronunciation. Layer V is the result of some dropping midials from Layer VII. Layer VI includes the Yu鱼 Zhi支 Zhi脂 Zhi之 and Wei微rhymes. Layer VI with high vowels becomes layer VII. Layer VIII consists of Yu鱼 and Yu虞 rhymes. The layer I originated in Western Han Dynasty, layer II, III, IV, V, VI and VII are all as a consequence of Yu鱼 rhyme changed in Six Dynasty (Wei Jin Nan Bei Chao), the layer VIII is from late Tang period to five dynasties and ten kingdoms (Wu Dai Shi Guo) period. The article also discusses the ways to distinguish between the cognate stratum and the heterogeneous stratum. Layer I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII are all cognate strata from lexical diffusion of the evolution in Southern Wu dialects while layer VIII is a heterogeneous stratum. Meanwhile, this article has reconstructed the process of changing cognate strata.


南部吴语 鱼韵 语音层次 语音演变


Southern Wu dialects, Yu鱼 rhyme, Sound strata, Sound changes


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