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So You Want to Write?
George Ella Lyon
Summer 1987

Let me get youa hacksaw.And you'll needfireweedin your hut of bones.

Make a sign that saysNO INTERFERENCE.Intimacyincomeinfants:all must go.Your job isto concentratelike coaland lie, seedful and leaflost,like humus.

And you'll have to trainas a chain-seerready to wake up in ditchespockets out, heart sleevedin stitches, not knowingwrong from left or rightfrom written, beggingpaper to stanch the woundof words. [End Page 148]

George Ella Lyon

George Ella Lyon is the former Kentucky Poet Laureate. Her most recent books include Many-Storied House: Poems, Boats Float! and What Forest Knows (picture books), and Voices from the March on Washington, a collection of poetry for young adults co-written with J. Patrick Lewis. A native of Harlan County, Kentucky she makes her living as a freelance writer and teacher based in Lexington.