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  • Index to Volume 58 of Criticism 2016

Volume 58, Number 1, pp. 1–176

Volume 58, Number 2, pp. 177–354

Volume 58, Number 3, pp. 355–534

Volume 58, Number 4, pp. 535–712

Ashworth, Suzanne. Cadaverous Intimacies: Disgust, Desire, and the Corpse in Edgar Allen Poe’s “Valdemar.” 565
Aubry, Timothy. Why ls Beloved So Universally Beloved? Uncovering Our Hidden Aesthetic Criteria. 483
Carter, Stephen D. The Dialectic of War and Utopia: Systemic Closure and Embattled Social Life in the Work of Fredric Jameson. 177
Chon, Doris. Moths, Photographs, and Emigrants: The Capacity for Transmigration in the Work of W. G. Sebald. 251
Cullen, Shaun. White Skin, Black Flag: Hardcore Punk, Racialization, and the Politics of Sound in Southern California. 59
Cutter, Martha J. Black Like Malcolm: Grace Halsell’s Rewriting of Black Like Me (1961) in Soul Sister (1969). 35
Farrell, Michael. The Colonial Baroque in Australia: On Drover Boab Texts, Wiradjuri Clubs, and Charlie Flannigan’s Drawings. 409
Foley, Abram. By What Strange Channels: Nicholas Mosley’s Literary Circuits. 459
Harris, Laura. The Subjunctive Poetics of the Undocument: C. L. R. James’s American Civilization. 205
Humphrey, Daniel. In and Out, Or “The Ambiguity of the Jewel.” 1
Jenkins, Candice M. New Bourgeoisie, Old Bodies: Performing Post-Civil Rights Black Privilege in Tar Baby and School Daze. 621
Knoll, Gillian. Binding the Void: The Erotics of Place in Antony and Cleopatra. 281
Lehnhof, Kent R. Antitheatricality and Irrationality: An Alternate View. 231
Maxwell, Lynn M. Writing Women, Writing Wax: Metaphors of Impression—Possibilities of Agency in Shakespeare’s Rape of Lucrece and Twelfth Night. 433
Mudie, Ella. An Atlas of Allusions: The Perverse Methods of Guy Debord’s Mémoires. 535
Narkunas, J. Paul. Corporatizing Life in a World System with Thomas Pynchon: “Networks of Interest” and Dispersed Organization. 647
Shanahan, John. Digital Transcendentalism in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. 115
Slater, Michael. The Ghost in the Machine: Emotion and Mind-Body Union in Hamlet and Descartes. 593
Smalls, Shanté Paradigm. Eating Popcorn with Chopsticks: Revisionary Black Masculinity in Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. 305
Specq, François. Thoreau’s Journal or the Workshop of Being. 375
Sully, Justin. On the Cultural Projection of Population Crisis: The Case of The Omega Man. 87
Zibrak, Arielle. Kissing a Photograph: Reproductive Panic in Kate Chopin and Thomas Hardy. 355
Cherry, Alina. On Pictures into Words: Images in Contemporary French Fiction by Ari J. Blatt. 169
Crewe, Jonathan. On The Unrepentant Renaissance: From Petrarch to Shakespeare to Milton by Richard Strier. 147
Crocker, Holly A. On The Pain of Reformation: Spenser, Vulnerability, and the Ethics of Masculinity by Joseph Campana. 347
Esquivel, John Corso. On The Ethics of Earth Art by Amanda Boetzkes. 699
Freadman, Anne. On Conversations on Peirce: Reals and Ideals by Douglas R. Anderson and Carl R. Housman. 689
Gray, Jessica Hanselman. On Monstrous Motherhood: Eighteenth-Century Culture and the Ideology of Domesticity by Marilyn Francus. 507
Jameson, Fredric R. On The Structure of World History: From Modes of Production to Modes of Exchange by Kojin Karatani. 327
Lamb, Jonathan. On Islanders: The Pacific in the Age of Empire by Nicholas Thomas. 523
Lee, Steven S. On Moscow, the Fourth Rome: Stalinism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Evolution of Soviet Culture, 1931–1941 by Katerina Clark. 163
Samuelian, Kristin Flieger. On Enlightened Sentiments: Judgment and Autonomy in the Age of Sensibility by Hina Nazar. 679
Schryer, Stephen. On Hollywood Melodrama and the New Deal: Public Daydreams by Anna Siomopoulos. 683
van den Hengel, Louis. On Becoming Undone: Darwinian Reflections on Life, Politics, and Art by Elizabeth Grosz. 153
Vincent, John Emil. On Opacity and the Closet: Queer Tactics in Foucault, Barthes, and Warhol by Nicholas de Villiers. 529
Winckles, Andrew O. On Anna Seward and the End of the Eighteenth Century by Claudia Thomas Kairoff. 341
Youssef, Sharif. On Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama by Alison Bechdel. 513

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