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Noteson Contributors 119 Notes on Contributors LawrenceBuell is Professor of English at Oberlin College. A specialist in the intellectualand social history of the relation between religion and literature in ~ewEngland, he has published Literary Transcendentalisrn: Style and Vision in the American Renaissance (1973), as well as numerous essays in such journals as American Literature, American Quarterly and Emerson Society Quarterly. He is at work on a study of New England letters between the Revolution and the Civil War. Wallace Clement is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at McMaster rniversity. He is the author of The Canadian C01porate Elite: An Analysis of Economic Power and Continental Corporate Power: Economic Elite LinkagesBetween Canada and the United States. His current work is on class transformations in Canada. Robert D. Cuff currently teaches at York University and is the author of The Jfor Industries Board: Business-Government Relations during World War I (1973),co-author of Canadian-Anierican Relations in Wartime (1975) and American Dollars-Canadian Prosperity: Canadian-Arnerican Economic Relations 1945-1950 (1978), and co-editor of Enterprise and National DeiĀ·elopment: Essays in Canadian Economic and Business Histo1y (1973). Heis at work on a study of American war organization. BruceC. Daniels is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg. He is the author of Connecticut's First Famizr: Williarn Pitkin andHis Connections (1975), the editor of Tovm and Country: Essays on the Structure of Local Government in the American Colonies (1978), and the author of a forthcoming book, Toward Urbanization: The Growth and Development of Connecticut Towns, 1635-1790. Daniel Golden is an Associate Professor of English at the State University College,Buffalo. His essays on Saul Bellow, Woody Allen, the images of Jews andItalians in cinema, and genre films have appeared in Studies in American JewishLiterature, JUMP CUT, Proceedings of the American Italian HistoricalAssociation , Explorations in Ethnic Studies and Notes on Modern AmericanLiterature. He is now writing a book on recent film and television portrayals of ethnic groups. FrancesW. Kaye is an Assistant Professor of English who teaches Canadian literatureat the University of Nebraska. She has published articles in several Journals, including Agricultural History, The Southern Review, North DakotaQuarterly and Prairie Schooner. Howard I. Kushner is an Associate Professor of History at Concordia l1 niversitywhose publications are well known to readers of the Review. His mostrecent contribution to the Review was an essay on nineteenth-century ~exualityin IX/ I. 120 Notes on Contributors John Stephen Martin is an Associate Professor of English at the Universitv . of Calgary. His essays on American literature have appeared in suchjournais ; as the Mid-Continent American Studies Journal, the Thoreau Quarterli Journal and the Arizona Quarterly. He has also contributed to Ideas;~ America: Essays in Honor of Harry Hayden Clark (1975) and Romamfr Reassessment: Essays in Honor of Tyrus Hillway (1977). He is Associate Editor of Ariel, and edited. its Bicentennial issue on American literature(l976J. Gilman M. Ostrander is Professor of History at the University of Waterloo. His most recent book is American Civilization in the First Machine Age (1970) His most recent essay appeared in William and Mary Quarterly. He iscurrently writing a book entitled Republic of Letters: The American Intellectual Comrnunity, 1760-1860, which he expects to complete this summer. Leon Surette is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Western Ontario. He has published essays on modern poetry and on Canadian fiction in Humanities Association Revieiv, Bucknell Review, Hudson Revie11, Paideuma, Prospects and Canadian Literature. His book, A Light from Eleusis: A Study of the Cantos of Ezra Pound, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. He is currently interested in structuralist theories of fiction and their contemporary application. Katherine Swinton is an Assistant Professor of Law at Osgood Hall La\\ School, York University. She has published articles in the Osgood HallLmr Journal and the University of Toronto Law Journal. She is presently at \\ork on an article, "The Employed Professional," for the Professional Organizations ' Committee of the Ontario Government. ...


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