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  • Appendix 2Andrew Melville's Anti-Tami-Cami-Categoria

We include here the Latin text as presented in Hutchinson (609-13), which he takes from "David Calderwood's Parasynagma Perthense. Anno M.DC.XX (no printer's name or place: the poem is described in a note as the work A. Meluini). Also appended to Calderwood's Altare Damascenum (1623), and included in Duport's Ecclesiastes Solomonis (1662)" (609, note). The facing translation is ours. See the Introduction for further comments on Melville as well as Herbert's response to his work. [End Page 217]


Ad Serenissimum Regem
contra Larvatam geminae Academiae Gorgonem Apologia,
sive Anti-tami-cami-categoria,
Authore A.M.

Responsum non dictum

Insolens, audax, facinus nefandum,Scilicet, poscit ratio ut decori,Poscit ex omni officio ut sibi mens        Conscia rectiAnxiam Christi vigilemque curam,            5Quae pias terris animas relictisSublevans deducit in astra, nigroque        Invidet Orco,De sacri castâ ratione cultus,De sacrosancti officij decoro            10Supplicem ritu veteri libellum        Porgere Regi,Simplici mente atque animo integello,Spiritu recto, et studijs modestis,Numinis sancti veniam,et benigni            15        Regis honoremRite praefantem: Scelus expiandumScilicet taurorum, ovium, suumqueMillibus centum, voluisse nudo        Tangere verbo            20Praesulum fastus: monuisse ritusImpios, deridiculos, ineptos,Lege, ceu labes maculasque, lectâ ex        Gente fugandos. [End Page 218]


To the Most Serene King
A defense against the Demonic Gorgon of the Twin Academy,
Or Anti-ox-bridge-accusation,
With the Author being A[ndrew] M[elville]

An unspoken Response

Truly it is a haughty, arrogant, impiousCrime that – because reason and honor demand it,Since thought itself demands it, cognizant of what is just                In each act of service–I offer to the King the solicitous and watchful care of Christ            5That lifts up righteous soulsLeading them back to the stars, the world left behind, care that        will deny                Souls to Black Orcus,Following an ancient custom,In a humbly petitioning little book            10About the untainted manner of holy worship,                The glory of the holiest Office,With a guileless mind and an uncorrupted intellect,With an upright spirit, and with tempered passions,Invoking beforehand solemnly in prayer            15                Holy divinity's favorAnd the honor of the benevolent King: the Crime must be expiatedClearly, with a hundred thousand bulls, sheep, and swine,For having dared to broach                With plain speech            20The arrogance of prelates; for having lawfully warned aboutUnholy, ridiculous, senseless rituals,As blemishes and spots, that must be banished                From a chosen people. [End Page 219] Iusque-jurandum ingemuisse jura            25Exigi contra omnia; tum misellisMentibus tristem laqueum inijci per                Fasque nefasque.Turbida illimi crucis in lavacroSigna consignem? magico rotatu            30Verba devolvam? sacra vox sacratâ im-                murmuret undâStrigis in morem? Rationis usu ad-fabor infantem vacuum? canorasIngeram nugas minus audienti            35                Dicta puello?Parvulo impostis manibus sacraboGratiae foedus? Digitone sponsaeAnnulus sponsi impositus sacrabit                Connubiale            40Foedus aeternae bonitatis? VndâNum salutari mulier sacerdosTinget in vitam, Sephoramque reddet                Lustrica mater?Pilei quadrum capiti rotundo            45Rite quadrabit? Pharium CamilloSupparum Christi, et decus Antichristi                Pontificale?Pastor examen gregis exigendumCuret invitus, celebrare coenam            50Promptus arcanam, memorando Iesu                Vulnera dira?Cantibus certent Berecinthia aeraMusicum fractis, reboentve raucoTempla mugitu? Illecebris supremi ah            55                Rector OlympiCaptus humanis? libitumque nobis,Scilicet, Regi id Superûm adlubescet?Somniumque aegri cerebri profanum est                Dictio sacra?            60 [End Page 220] For having mourned that, against all laws, oaths are demanded;            25Then that a harsh noose be thrown overWretched minds, whether                Right or wrong.Am I to vouch for the muddying signs of the crossIn the pure cleansing waters? Am I to roll forth words            30With a superstitious incantation? Does a sacred voice mutter over                Consecrated waterIn the manner of a screech owl? Will I speak on behalfOf an infant who lacks power of reason?Will I utter melodious nonsense for a little boy who understands not            35                In the least the words?Will I consecrate the covenant of grace with handsSet over a little one? Will...


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