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  • Christos DimosIllustrator–Greece

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Christos Dimos grew up in a small village in the area of Ioannina, Greece. From a young age, he liked to sketch and draw. Later on, this love for sketching brought him to Athens, where he studied illustration, drawing, caricature, and comic at Ornerakis School of Applied Arts. During this period, he was also introduced to animation design. For ten years, he worked as an animator in advertising and video productions. Christos worked in London in Stardust Pictures Studio of Warner Brothers for the animation movie Space Jam and other European and American animation productions. However, his biggest dream was to illustrate children's books. So, he returned to Greece and devoted himself to illustration. He has been working in this field for the last twenty years.

He has illustrated 118 books, and in 2005, he published the first book that was written and illustrated by himself: Ntomatas Patatias (Mr Tomato Potato), which also became a theater play in schools. Christos's best works include Mia fora ki enan kero itan tris magi sofi ke vasiliades (Once upon a time, there were three magicians and kings, 2006) by Myrat, which has been shortlisted for the Greek National Awards; O akrovatis me ti xartini kardia (The acrobat with the paper heart, 2006) by Bizi; Paramithenio, paramithi ke tou revithiou revitthi (The Fairy of Fairies) by Pateraki; Ta Apithana Molivia (The amazing pencils), a school book under the auspices of the Greek Pedagogical Institute; Ke I babades xeroun paramithia (Dads too can tell stories) by Sabatakou Kantzola; I magiki kolokitha (The magic pumpkin) by Zamanopoulos; and O Agisilaos sti dimotiki vivliothili (Agesilaus in the library) by Diakomanolis. Christos's work has been featured in many exhibitions nationally and internationally, including the Biennale of Illustration Bratislava.

Christos enjoys mixing water-colors, Ecoline colors, gouaches, and color pencils. More recently, he has used ink outlines, creating in this way a sketch effect. Dr. Areti Adamopoulou, Associate Professor of Art History, School of Fine Arts, from the University of Ioannina, notes,

Christos is a meticulous researcher of the work of European book illustrators of all ages. He particularly likes the 1930s, when artists used strong, black contours and painstakingly took care of every little detail. It is from them that Christos holds the detailing in his pictures and the black lines that "build" the figures without imprisoning movement.… Christos's main contribution to his professional field is that by observing with a sensitive eye the past, he produces images to enlighten present eyes about the future. [End Page 53]



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