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  • Andrea Petrlik HuseinovićIllustrator–Croatia

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Andrea Petrlik Huseinović—illustrator, writer, and editor—was born in 1966 in Zagreb, Croatia. After finishing the School of Applied Arts in 1990, she graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Readers and critics, both in Croatia and worldwide, lauded each of her published books. In the last decade, she has been awarded many prestigious awards and commendations: the Grigor Vitez Award (Croatia, 2002), the BIB Plaque (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2003), Grand Prix OBI 04 (Oita Biennial of Illustrations, Japan, 2004), literary/art award Sheep in a Box (Croatia, 2007), and the literary award Kiklop (Croatia, 2014). Her books are among the most frequently read in the International Children's Digital Library (ICDL). In 2004, the prestigious Chihiro Art Museum in Japan purchased for its international collection the original illustrations from two of her picturebooks. In 2012, her picturebook Maleni was included among the "Top 10 Foreign Books" within the framework of the Russian Award Book of the Year–Children's Choice 2012. Several of Andrea's books have been included on the White Ravens List.

Andrea Petrlik Huseinović is a storyteller with a specific and recognizable style of writing and illustrating, which became her sociolect—a language that children throughout the world easily recognize and understand as their own, children's language. The protagonists of her stories are always those who are small, sometimes even invisible to the eyes of adults. Breathing life and giving voice to that which is small and ephemeral is something H. C. Andersen himself knew so well. Huseinović does not tell stories about houses; she talks about a small nest on the roof of someone's home. She does not tell stories of humans; she tells humane stories about little beings around us and how our appreciation of them makes us human. Changing the perspective of the world, seeing it through the eyes of the little ones, is what makes her a profound storyteller of childhoods, all around the world.

Imagine a world in which art is non-existent. A world with no paintings, no books, no music, no dance; a world with no museums, no theatres, no cinemas, no libraries, and no statues in parks that stand as s tribute to those who have done great deeds and left a legacy. In such a world, we would never be able to feel warmth and joy after having read something nice, or after having seen, touched, heard, felt or created. That would be a world without any trace of us left in the past, present or future. I can't imagine such a world.

I was created to breathe in the love I feel around me, and to send this love back to the world through my paintings and words. I am the happiest when a child or adult reads what I have written and sees what I have drawn, and feels this love, and then shares it with someone that will share this love too.

And that is a world with a past, a present and a future; a world in which we have left a trace and in which we are leaving a trace–with our drawings, words, paintings, sculptures, voices, movements and melodies. [End Page 48]



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