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  • Mouseion Index to LVII–Series III, Vol. 14 (2017)

Editors' Notes/Notices Éditoriale

Peter O'Brien and Kathryn Simonsen, Editors' Note, Mouseion 14.3 335
Bruce Robertson, Introduction to "Open Digital Corpora of Greek and Latin" 339


Chiara Albanesi and Ilaria Battiloro, Men, Women, and Wine: A Gender-Based Analysis of Lucanian Necropoleis 1
K. R. Bradley, Allusive Syme 125
A. Caitlin Diddams and James Gawley, Measuring the Presence of Roman Rhetoric: An Intertextual Analysis of Augustine's De Doctrina Christiana IV 391
Elizabeth M. Greene and Alexander Meyer, The North Field Excavations at Vindolanda: Preliminary Report on the 2009-14 Exploratory Field Seasons 197
Neven Jovanović, Reading Croatian Latin through Lucretius 361
Bernard Kavanagh, Juvenal's Appia de numero Lamiarum (6.385–397) 117
Thomas R. Martin and Monica Berti, Open Greek and Latin Data for the Challenges of the Fragmentary State of the Primary Sources for the Pentekontaetia 409
Bruce Robertson and Federico Boschetti, Large-Scale Optical Character Recognition of Ancient Greek 341
David W. Rupp with Tristan Carter, Alexandra Charami, Brendan Burke, Bryan Burns, Zizis Bonias, Jacques Y. Perreault, Dimitri Nakassis, Scott Gallimore, Sarah James, Sophia Karapanou, and Margriet J. Haagsma, Fieldwork of the Canadian Institute in Greece in 2014 173
Nicholas Thorne, Prediction, Probability, and Pessimism in Thucydides 45
R.J.A. Wilson, UBC Excavations of the Roman Villa at Gerace, Sicily: Results of the 2015 Season 253
Matthew S. Wood, Aristotle's Theory of Metaphor Revisited 63
Yael Young, Polygnotos' Cuirasses in the Iliupersis: A Study of the Representation of the Past in Fifth-Century BCE Greek Art 91

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Echos Du Monde Classique/Classical Views

Jaclyn Neel, Cicero's Rhetoric of Terror 437


Alban Baudou et Kale Coghlan, Gratiarum Actio 139

Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus

Vincent Azoulay, Pericles of Athens (Frances Pownall) 320
Ryan K. Balot, Courage in the Democratic Polis (Matthew A. Sears) 149
Douglas Cairns, ed., Tragedy and Archaic Greek Thought (Leona MacLeod) 317
Elizabeth Carney, King and Court in Ancient Macedonia (Carol J. King) 323
Victor Cojocaru, Altay Coşkun, and Mădălina Dana, Interconnectivity in the Mediterranean and Pontic World during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods (Emily Hanscam) 161
Sandra R. Joshel and Lauren Hackworth Petersen, The Material Lives of Roman Slaves (Fanny Dolansky) 164
S. Keay and L. Paroli, eds., Portus and Its Hinterland (Christer Bruun) 327
Adam M. Kemezis, Greek Narratives of the Roman Empire under the Severans (Alex Imrie) 168
Duncan MacRae, Legible Religion: Books, Gods, and Rituals in Roman Culture (Richard S. Ascough) 459
C. W. Marshall and Tom Hawkins, Athenian Comedy in the Roman Empire (Mark Nugent) 467
Britta Özen-Kleine, Das Phänomen der "Verjüngung" im klassischen Athen. Zur Bedeutung von Altersstufen in the Bilderwelt des 6. und 5. Jhs. V. Chr. (Reyes Bertolín Cebrián) 457
Laetitia Phialon, L'émergence de la civilisation mycénienne en Grèce centrale (Hélène Perdicoyianni-Paléologou) 455
Jessica Priestley, Herodotus and Hellenistic Culture (Stephanie West) 152
David Rohrbacher, The Play of Allusion in the Historia Augusta (Alex Imrie) 470
Luke Roman, Poetic Autonomy in Ancient Rome (Alison Keith) 462
Youval Rotman, Insanity and Sanctity in Byzantium (Richard Greenfield) 329
Matthew A. Sears, Athens, Thrace, and the Shaping of Athenian Leadership (Lynette Mitchell) 145
Benjamin Eldon Stevens, Silence in Catullus (Aven McMaster) 158
Richard Stoneman, Xerxes: A Persian Life (J.M. Bigwood) 147

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