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Abblitt, Stephen
Love, Infidelity, and Postcards: Derrida and Joyce
50.3 1-17
Armbrecht, Tom
Comment y faire face : La parole faite chair de Virginie Despentes
50.2 83-98
Berndt, Katrin
Science as Comedy and the Myth of Progress in Ian McEwan's Solar
50.4 85-101
Bostock, Camilla
Prehistoric Life Writing: Letters from the Flood
50.3 159-74
Caws, Mary Ann
"We Haven't Left the Body": An Interview with Mary Ann Caws
50.1 25-40
Comay, Rebecca
50.2 13-27
Comay, Rebecca
Crossings: An Interview with Rebecca Comay
50.1 1-24
Comay, Rebecca
Testament of the Revolution (Walter Benjamin)
50.2 1-12
Corrigan, John Michael
Sourceless Sunlight: Faulkner's Sanctuary and the Sacrificial Crisis
50.4 139-55
Costello, Moya
Abu Ben Bail: A Creative Writer Reads Murray Bail's Archived Correspondence
50.3 91-105
Crinquand, Sylvie
Les lettres de John Keats : Profondeur et légèreté d'un poète épistolier
50.3 125-40
Deer, Jemma
Addressed to You: Nonhuman Missives from Elizabeth Bowen's A World of Love
50.3 175-89
DeLong, Joe
Contemporary Memoirs of Mathematical Passion
50.4 121-37
Dunne, Kerry
Warwick Thornton's Mother Courage: A Battle Cry for Aboriginal Art
50.2 223-40
Ehlers, Sarah
Jorie Graham's Passion for the Reel: The Lyric Subject Encounters the Image
50.2 29-46
Englund, Axel
Intimate Practices: Music, Sex, and the Body in J.M. Coetzee's Summertime
50.2 99-115
Eso, David
From Friction, Heat: Kroetsch, Spanos, and boundary 2
50.3 55-72
Fatzinger, Amy S.
Echoes of Celilo Falls and Native Voices in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
50.2 117-32
Gasché, Rodolphe
Crossings: An Interview with Rodolphe Gasché
50.1 201-26
Ghorbanian K., M. Reza
Langage, subjectivation et identité chez Seamus Heaney
50.2 259-79
Gonsalves, Joshua D.
Reading Race and "Rita" in The Lady from Shanghai: Decrypting the Mogul, the Star, and the Auteur
50.2 149-69
Hutcheon, Linda, and Michael Hutcheon
"Bodily Charm": An Interview with Linda Hutcheon and Michael Hutcheon
50.1 41-58
Gilman, Sander L., Linda Hutcheon, Michael Hutcheon, and Helen Tiffin
Roundtable on Interdisciplinarity
50.1 95-113
Jackson, Tony E.
Imitative Identity, Imitative Art, and AI: Artificial Intelligence
50.2 47-63
Kamuf, Peggy
Crossings: An Interview with Peggy Kamuf
50.1 227-43
Krell, David Farrell
Crossings: An Interview with David Farrell Krell
50.1 163-87
Leavey, John P.
CGL: Apotropocalyptic Cod(ic)es of Letters
50.3 35-53
Leavey, John P.
Translation/citation: An Interview with John P. Leavey, Jr.
50.1 77-94
Lingis, Alphonso
Crossings: A Conversation with Alphonso Lingis
50.1 289-307
Linklater, Kristin
Crossings: An Interview with Kristin Linklater
50.1 245-88
Mahmutović, Adnan
"Move to the City": Infrastructure and Globalization in How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia
50.4 69-84
Marsden, Jill
Orienting Nietzsche's "Nearest Things" in Kafka's Letters to Felice
50.3 19-34
Moure, Erín
Crossings: An Interview with Erín Moure
50.1 147-61
Murphy, Ryan Francis
Inauspicious Flames: A Feng-Shui Reading of The Spoils of Poynton
50.4 157-74
Naas, Michael
Crossings: An Interview with Michael Naas
50.1 333-58
Neel, Alexandra
"Qui est là?" Negative Personhood in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea
50.2 171-86
Peyser, Thomas
Henry David Thoreau on Spontaneous Order and its Enemies
50.4 1-16
Pulham, Patricia
Epistolary Sadomasochism in A.C. Swinburne's Love's Cross-Currents: A Year's Letters
50.3 141-57
Ráez-Padilla, Juan
On Transience, Transcendence, and Sublunar Metaphysics: Seamus Heaney's Spirit(ual) Level
50.2 241-57
Reese, Sam, and Alexandra Kingston-Reese
Teju Cole and Ralph Ellison's Aesthetics of Invisibility
50.4 103-19
Reeser, Todd W.
Producing Awkwardness: Affective Labour and Masculinity in Popular Culture
50.4 51-68
Rhee, Jennifer
Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance in Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly
50.2 133-47
Riegel, Christian
Mourning, Memorial, and the Yizkor Books in Eli Mandel's Out of...