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Index to Volume 73, 2017 / Index du volume 73, 2017


  • bird, sonya and sarah kell The Role of Pronunciation in SENĆOŦEN Language Revitalization 538

  • bouchard, pierre, mélanie girard et simon laflamme La langue de communication et l'autoestimation de la compétence dans le Nord-Est de l'Ontario 259

  • candry, sarah, irina elgort, julie decontnck, and june eyckmans Word Writing vs. Meaning Inferencing in Contextualized L2 Vocabulary Learning: Assessing the Effect of Different Vocabulary Learning Strategies 293

  • daouaga samari, gilbert et léonie métangmo-tatou Négociation et reconfiguration des identités en classe de Langues et Cultures Nationales au Cameroun 570

  • haj-broussard, michelle, heather k. olson beal, and nicole boudreaux Relating French Immersion Teacher Practices to Better Student Oral Production 319

  • johnson, s?ímla?xw michele k. Breathing Life into New Speakers: Nsyilxcn and Tlingit Sequenced Curriculum, Direct Acquisition, and Assessments 109

  • johnson, s?ímla?xw michele k. Sylix Language House- how and why we are delivering 2,000 decolonizing hours in Nsyilxcn 509

  • kim, jung-tn Immigrant Adolescents Investing in Korean Heritage Language: Exploring Motivation, Identities, and Capital 183

  • knouzi, ibtissem and callie mady Indicators of an "Immigrant Advantage" in the Writing of L3 French Learners 368

  • koh, poh wee, xi chen, james cummins, and jia li Literacy Outcomes of a Chinese/English Bilingual Program in Ontario 343

  • marshall, steve and ena lee Chinese Students in Canadian Higher Education: A Case for Reining in Our Use of the Term "Generation 1.5?" 133 [End Page 602]

  • müller, mareike "As a Person, I Feel I've Changed Pretty Immensely": Sojourners' Aspirations and Self-Perceived Achievements 24

  • oliver, rhonda and bich nguyen Translanguaging on Facebook: Exploring Australian Aboriginal Multilingual Competence in Technology-Enhanced Environments and Its Pedagogical Implications 463

  • rivard, léonard p., pierre minkala-ntadi, margaux roch-gagné et ndeye r. gueye Analyse des mots connecteurs dans les résumés produits par des élèves FL1 et FL2 48

  • rosborough, patricia, chuutsqa layla rorick, and suzanne urbanczyk Beautiful Words: Enriching and Indigenizing Kwak'wala Revitalization through Understandings of Linguistic Structure 425

  • sarkar, mela Ten Years of Mi'gmaq Language Revitalization Work: A Non-Indigenous Applied Linguist Reflects on Building Research Relationships 488

  • shi, ling Two Expatriate English Instructors in China: Their Experiences, and Perspectives of Local Students and Teachers 1

  • tulloch, shelley, adriana kusugak, cayla chenier, quluaq pilakapsi, gloria uluqsi, and fiona walton Transformational Bilingual Learning: Re-Engaging Marginalized Learners through Language, Culture, Community, and Identity 438

  • vessey, rachelle Representations of Language Education in Canadian Newspapers 158

  • wernicke, meike Navigating Native-Speaker Ideologies as FSL Teacher 208

Exchange Article with/Échange d'article avec Recherches et applications I Le Français dans le monde

  • bigot, violaine, malory leclère et marcia romero Place des enjeux d'acquisition langagière dans le multi-agenda de l'enseignant de DdNL : l'exemple d'un cours d'histoire pour collégiens allophones 237 [End Page 603]

Focus on the Classroom/Pleins feux sur la classe

  • black, catherine La place de l'art dramatique dans un cours de français oral de 2e année universitaire 77

Winner of the 2016 Larry Vandergrift Award for Best Graduate Paper/Gagnant du prix Larry Vandergrift 2016 du meilleur article d'étudiant(e) de troisième cycle

  • samuel, carolyn Non-Native Speakers of the Language of Instruction: Self-Perceptions of Teaching Ability 393

Book and Software Reviews/Critiques de livres et de logiciels

  • berynets, krishna Cultural Migrants and Optimal Language Acquisition by F. Forsberg Lundell & I. Bartning (Eds.) 100

  • caws, catherine Language, Literacy and Technology by R. Kern 103

  • mao, zhicheng and lin jiang Classroom Writing Assessment and Feedback in L2 School Contexts by Icy Lee 599

  • o'brien, mary grantham Pronunciation Fundamentals: Evidence-Based Perspectives for L2 Teaching and Research by T.M. Derwing & M.J. Munro 418

  • pierozak, isabelle Authenticity, Language and Interaction in Second Language Contexts par Rémi A. van Compernolle and Janice McGregor (Dirs.) 596

  • rimrott, anne Francofone by André Bougaïeff, Donna Mydlarsku, and Dana Paramskas 256

  • sabatier, cécile Didactique du français : Pour une approche contextualisée et explicite de la langue à l'école par S...