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Chinese American linguist Zhao Yuanren (Yuen Ren Chao) 赵元任’s homophonic Chinese text entitled “Shi shi shi shi shi 施氏食狮史” (or Story of stone grotto poet eating lions) (Zhao [1960]1980) is a peculiar text that is little explored. This paper, with a discussion of this text in terms of mode of discourse, reveals how flexible a homophonic text can be, and how mode of discourse can bend a discourse in its length, syntax, style, and structure. This study enriches the linguistic power and intelligence to Zhao’s original homophonic text and offers some implications for the research of homophonic texts and discourses.


华裔美籍语言学家赵元任题名为 “施氏食狮史” 的汉语同音文是鲜为 人们探究的一篇奇文。本文从话语方式角度对其进行了讨论,揭示了 同音文的灵活性以及话语方式对话语的长度、句法、风格与结构的改 变。本研究丰富了赵氏同音文的语言力度与智慧,并为同音文及话语 研究提供了一些启示。


Discourse Text, Homophonic Text, Discourse Flexibility


话语 语篇 同音文 话语灵活性


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