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Daylight Owls

on barbed wire   aswarm with dying

wasps  come to me spotlit near the cattleguard  Their eyes are twin

furnaces  I’ve told you this before  My father and I

sleep in the cabin every weekend under thermal blankets as the wind soughs gunshots

early to the season  

  the season cut by creeks where ghosts swim downriver to fish   Wings extended midflight

  they hang like taxidermied birds [End Page 64]

Rodney Wilhite

Rodney Wilhite is a poet and educator living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His poems have appeared in Pleiades, Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review, The Puritan, and elsewhere. Much of his writing focuses on the disappearance of rural culture in the 21st century, especially (but not exclusively) in his native northeastern Oklahoma.