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  • Subject and Use Index

Keyed to The Bulletin’s alphabetical arrangement by author, this index, which appears in each issue, can be used in three ways. Entries in regular type refer to subjects; entries in bold type refer to curricular or other uses; entries in ALL-CAPS refer to genres and appeals. In the case of subject headings, the subhead “stories” refers to books for the readaloud audience; “fiction, ” to those books intended for independent reading.

Actors and acting–fiction: Wallis

ADVENTURE: Clark; Dao; Gill; Neithercott; Northrop; Tamaki; Van Booy; Vlock

Africa: Erskine

Africa–fiction: Davies, S.; Okorafor

African Americans–fiction: Okorafor; Tamani; Wallis

Alcoholism–fiction: Britt

Animals–fiction: Kendall

Animals–stories: Barnett; Beedie; Ho; Mantchev


Architecture: Rubin

Art: Say; Rubin

Art and artists–fiction: Say

Asian Americans–fiction: Lo

Athletes: Simon

Autistic people–fiction: Reyl

BIOGRAPHIES: Erskine; Reef; Rubin; Simon

Biology: Davies, N.

Black people–fiction: Onyebuchi

Books and reading: Sierra

Brothers and sisters–fiction: Pearson; Tougas

Brothers and sisters–stories: Going

Bullies–fiction: Foley

Camps and camping–fiction: Hawkins; Tamaki

Christmas–fiction: Hand

Christmas–stories: Rinker

Conservation–stories: Beedie

Crime and criminals: Slater

Crime and criminals–fiction: Lo; Weingarten

Cuba–fiction: Paterson

Cults–fiction: Ward

Current events: Davies, S.; Slater

Curses–fiction: Atwood

Death–fiction: Berla; Goedjen; Mafi

Depression–fiction: Sánchez


Dinosaurs–poetry: Lewis

Disabilities–fiction: Say

Dragons–fiction: Ciccarelli

Dystopias–fiction: Sangster

Ecology: Davies, N.

Environmental studies: Gerstein

Ethics and values: Abbott; Buyea; Foley; Gerstein; Griffin; Hand; Kelkar; Slater; Tamani

Explorers–fiction: Northrop

Faith–fiction: Davies, S.; Tamani

Families–fiction: Britt; Kendall; Margolis; Naylor; Williams

Families–stories: Going

FANTASY: Bardugo; Ciccarelli; Clark; Dao; Gill; Locke; Mafi; Noël; Okorafor; Onyebuchi; Sangster; Tamaki; Van Booy

Farms–fiction: Naylor

Fathers–fiction: Britt

Fear–fiction: Sutherland

FOLK-LIKE TALES: Bardugo; Barnett

Food and eating–stories: Ho

Friends–fiction: Abbott; Ancrum; Clark; Hawkins; Margolis; Tougas; Ward

Friends–stories: Ho; Willard [End Page 143]

Future–fiction: Fine

Ghosts–fiction: Hawkins

GLBTQ people: Slater

GLBTQ people–fiction: Lo

GOTHIC FICTION: Goedjen; Strange

Grandparents–fiction: Kerrin; Locke


Grief–fiction: Berla; Strange

HISTORICAL FICTION: Avi; George; Kelkar; Northrop; Paterson; Strange; Tamani

History, British: Avi

History, world: Reef

HORROR: Atwood; Poe

HUMOR: Barnett; Beedie; Hand; Ho; Lewis; Rinker; Tamaki; Vlock; Willard

Identity–fiction: Reyl

Illness–fiction: Griffin; McGinnis; Sangster

India–fiction: Kelkar

Islands–fiction: Neithercott

Jews–fiction: Locke

Language arts: Sierra

Latinos–fiction: Sánchez; Williams

Literature, English: George; Hand; Poe

Magic–fiction: Goedjen; Noël; Okorafor

Mental illness–fiction: Ancrum; Strange; Sutherland

Mothers–fiction: Berla; Tougas

Music and musicians: Erskine

Music and musicians–fiction: Walton

Muslims–fiction: Davies, S.

MYSTERIES: Fine; Lo; Neithercott; Pearson; Weingarten

Nature study: Davies, N.

Physical education: Simon

Pigs–fiction: Kendall

POETRY: Lewis; Poe

Pregnancy–fiction: Williams

Reading aloud: Ellis; Naylor

Reading, beginning: Mantchev

Reading, easy: Naylor; Wallis

Reading, reluctant: Slater

Relationships–fiction: George; McGinnis; Reyl; Sutherland


Royalty: Reef

Royalty–fiction: Avi; Dao

School–fiction: Buyea; Foley; Pearson

SCIENCE FICTION: Fine; Griffin; Northrop; Vlock

Secrets–fiction: Abbott; Atwood; Kerrin; Sangster

Ships and sailing–fiction: Northrop

SHORT STORIES: Bardugo; Ellis; Walton

Shyness–fiction: Margolis

Sisters–fiction: Goedjen; Hawkins; Sánchez

Slavery–fiction: Ciccarelli

Snow–stories: Verdick

Soccer: Simon

Stepfamilies–fiction: Fine

Storytime: Going; Mantchev; Verdick


SUSPENSE: Weingarten

Teachers–fiction: Paterson

THRILLERS: McGinnis; Northrop; Weingarten

Time travel–fiction: Locke; Van Booy


Toys–stories: Willard

Treasure–fiction: Neithercott

Trucks–stories: Verdick

Twins–fiction: McGinnis

Voyages and travel–fiction: Griffin; Kerrin; Onyebuchi

Whales–stories: Gerstein

Writers and writing: Sierra

Writers and writing–fiction: Kerrin; Tougas [End Page 144]



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