The present article—in four parts, of which this is the second—is a history of the Dictionary Society of North America (DSNA) in its infancy and youth, thus also a chapter in the history of the language sciences more generally, as well as a contribution to the sociology of organizations. This installment outlines the network of early leaders who formed DSNA and promoted its development, partly on the basis of organizational and social intelligence, partly from mundane labor, and partly from the interactions of their agendas and personalities. Beyond the network, this installment describes various complementary styles of leadership, some focused on members, some on structures and systems, some supportive and some critical, but all instrumental in DSNA's progress during the society's early period and tested in the challenges the fledgling society's leaders faced. The third part of this history will describe DSNA's members, and the fourth its varied activities from 1977 to 1989, the first "period" of the society's history.


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