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In Chinese VO (verb-object) phrases, 2+1 (disyllabic + monosyllabic) is ill formed when other length patterns are available, such as 2+1 *种植蒜 zhongzhi suan vs. the well-formed 2+2种植大蒜 zhongzhi dasuan ‘plant garlic’. However, 2+1 VO is acceptable when alternative length patterns are unavailable, such as 节约水 jieyue shui ‘save water’ and 喜欢钱 xihuan qian ‘love money’. The conditional acceptance of 2+1 VO is known as the ‘last resort’ effect. However, the predicted judgment difference has not been demonstrated experimentally. In addition, it is unclear whether native speakers find the last resort 2+1 to be as good as 2+2. Moreover, it is unclear what other factors may affect native judgment. To address the questions, we conducted a judgment experiment. Our study shows that (i) 2+2 VO is ranked the best, (ii) 2+1 is ranked the worst when a better form is available, and (iii) the last resort 2+1 is ranked between (i) and (ii). The result (iii) indicates a persistent effect of prosody, even for the last resort 2+1. In addition, we found a collocation effect between V and O. Moreover, we found considerable variation among the subjects, in that some subjects consistently gave higher scores than others, and for some expressions, there is a high degree of disagreement among subjects, which suggests that personal perspectives may play a role.


汉语动宾短语(VO)的词长搭配中,2+1(双音节+单音节)的搭配通常不好,例如2+1 *“种植蒜”不如 2+2 “种植大蒜”好。但是如果没有其他搭配可选,2+1也可以接受,例如“节约水”、“喜欢钱”等。这种现象叫做“唯一选择”效果。不过,有的问题仍然有待探讨。比如,以上所说的两种接受度,能否通过实验加以证明?“唯一选择”的2+1的接受度,是否跟2+2的一样好? 除了词长的搭配以外,是否还有其他因素影响语句的接受度?针对这些问题,我们进行了VO的接受度实验。结果显示(i)2+2 VO的接受度最高;(ii)当有其他它搭配可选时,2+1 VO的接受度最低;(iii)当无其他它搭配可选时,“唯一选择”的2+1 VO的接受度在(i)与(ii)之间。结果(iii)表明,韵律对语句的接受度始终存在影响,即使“唯一选择”的2+1 VO也受其影响。我们还发现,动词与名词之间的搭配关系也有影响。还有,参与者之间也存在差异:(i)有的人打分大大高于平均水平、有的大大低于平均水平,(ii)有少数结构得分差异很大,有的人给的是满分、而有的人给的确是最低分,说明个人观点也可能影响对语句的判断。


Word-length preference Prosody Acceptability experiment Elastic words Last resort


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