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In "Why We Should Try to Get the Joke: Humor, Laughter, and the History of Healthcare," by Julian M. Simpson and Stephanie J. Snow (OHR 44:1, Winter/Spring 2017), URL links were not printed for the audio excerpt files 1-4 referred to in the text as they should have been. In addition, the links to the audio excerpts online were not working at the time of publication, but are now functional.

A statement included at the end of this article indicated that supplementary data was available online. Instead, the following note should have been included at the beginning of the article:

Note on Multimedia Content: The online version of this article doi:10.1093/ohr/ohw110 includes audio files that allow readers to listen to some of the printed interview excerpts. In the HTML version, readers may simply click and play; in the PDF version, it is necessary first to download the PDF.

The article has now been corrected online. Oxford University Press apologizes for these production errors. [End Page 456]