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Keyed to The Bulletin’s alphabetical arrangement by author, this index, which appears in each issue, can be used in three ways. Entries in regular type refer to subjects; entries in bold type refer to curricular or other uses; entries in ALL-CAPS refer to genres and appeals. In the case of subject headings, the subhead “stories” refers to books for the readaloud audience; “fiction,” to those books intended for independent reading.

Abuse–fiction: Smith

ADVENTURE: Connolly; Graudin; Hatke; Holmes; Newman; Philbrick

African Americans: Mahin; Rappaport

African Americans–fiction: Colbert; Moore; Warner

Animals–stories: Bernstein; Elliott; Maloney

Appearance–fiction: Wientge

Architects: Going; Winter

Art: Going; Winter; Wood

Art and artists: Rinker; Wood

Asian Americans–fiction: Florence; Yee: Yeh

Astronomy: Cuevas

Baseball: Rappaport


BIOGRAPHIES: Brockenbrough; Engle Miguel; Going; Mahin; McCormick; Rappaport; Rinker; Tonatiuh; Winter; Wood

Biology: Stewart

Birds–stories: Davies; Gallaher

Birthdays–stories: Fogliano

Books and reading–fiction: Clements

Books and reading–stories: Elliott; Grant

Brothers–fiction: Moore

Brothers and sisters–fiction: Glaser, K.; Hatke; Hurwitz; Stiefvater; Valente; Wilson; Vernick

Cats–stories: Underwood

Clothing–stories: Wolff


Contests–fiction: Hautman

Contests–stories: Muth

Cousins–fiction: Cronin

Crime and criminals–fiction: Kuehn; Philbrick; Sirowy; Stork; Wilson

Cuba–fiction: Engle Forest

Dancers and dance: Tonatiuh

Death–fiction: Silvera

Demons–fiction: Yee

Disabilities–fiction: Hill; Vaught

Dystopias–fiction: Anderson; Mabry

Eating disorders–fiction: Maschari

Environmental studies: Engle Forest

Ethics and values: Brody; Greenwald; Hurwitz; Muth

Faith–fiction: Lauren

Families–fiction: Beasley; Cronin; Devlin; Engle Forest; Florence; Glaser, K.; Hautman; Lawson; Nazemian; Perkins; Van Draanen; Vaught; Vrabel; Wallace

Families–stories: Graham

FANTASY: Ameriie; Beasley; Brody; Connolly; Grant; Holmes; Khorana; Ness; Stiefvater; Valente; Yee

Farms–fiction: MacLachlan

Fate–fiction: Khorana

Fathers–fiction: Cuevas; Ness

Fathers–stories: Phi

Fish–stories: Rylant Henny

Fishing–stories: Phi

Folktales and fairy tales–fiction: Ameriie; Elya; Holmes; Glaser, L.; Soundar; Teague

Food and eating–fiction: Florence; Hautman [End Page 49]

Food and eating–stories: Glaser, L.; Teague

Foxes–stories: Trukhan

Friends–fiction: Beasley; Brody; Dairman; Greenwald; Hurwitz; Johannes; Maschari; Mellom; Newman; Sirowy; Smith; Vrabel

Friends–stories: Davies; Rylant Henny; Trukhan

Gangs–fiction: Moore

Gardening–fiction: Hill

Giants–fiction: Hatke

GLBTQ people–fiction: Colbert; Lauren; Ness; Silvera

Government: Brockenbrough


Grief–fiction: Cuevas; Moore; Newman; Wallace

Guilt–fiction: Cronin

Guinea pigs–stories: Maloney

Halloween–stories: Cuyler; Rylant Herbert

Hanukkah–stories: Glaser, L.


History, U.S.: Brockenbrough


Horses: McCormick

HUMOR: Barnett; Brown; Clements; Cuyler; Elliott; Foote; Gallaher; Glaser, K.; Glaser, L.; Johannes; Maloney; Philbrick; Rylant Henny; Rylant Herbert; Teague; Underwood; Vernick; Wolff

Identity–fiction: Brody; Greenwald; Lauren; Lawson; Nazemian; Van Draanen

Illness–fiction: Cronin; Dairman; Vrabel

Immigrants–fiction: Perkins

Immigrants–stories: Phi

India–stories: Soundar

Indian Americans–fiction: Perkins; Wientge

Insects: Stewart

Insects–stories: Foote

Iranian Americans–fiction: Nazemian

Islands–fiction: Cashore

Journalism–fiction: Stork

Kidnapping–fiction: Wilson

Korean War: McCormick

Language arts: Barnett

Latinos: Tonatiuh

Latinos–fiction: Cuevas; Engle Forest; Pérez; Stiefvater; Stork

LEGENDS: Connolly

Literature, children’s: Rinker

Literature, English: Valente

Literature, world: Engle Miguel

Magic–fiction: Brown

MAGICAL REALISM: Stiefvater; Wallace

Mathematics: Fishman

Mental illness–fiction: Colbert

Mexico–fiction: Stork

Missing persons–fiction: Devlin

Mothers–fiction: Devlin; MacLachlan; Mellom

Mothers–stories: Cole

Moving–fiction: Pérez

Moving–stories: Davies

Music and musicians: Mahin

Music and musicians–fiction: Hill; Pérez

MYSTERIES: Brown; Cashore; Dairman; Gallaher; Lawson; Philbrick; Sirowy; Trukhan; Vaught

Mythology, world: Yee

Nature study: Foote

Neighborhoods–stories: Denos

Night–stories: Cole; Denos

Numbers: Fishman

Pets–fiction: Cuevas; Warner

Pigs–stories: Rylant Herbert

Poetry: Engle Miguel

Racism: Rappaport

Reading aloud: Glaser, K.; Mahin

Reading, beginning: Bernstein; Henkes

Reading, easy: Johannes; Soundar; Warner

Reading, reluctant: Stewart

Reality television–fiction: Anderson

Relationships–fiction: Brody; Devlin; Mabry; Silvera; Taylor

Revolutionary War: Brockenbrough

RHYMING STORIES: Elya; Fogliano; Grant

Romance–fiction: Graudin; Mabry [End Page 50]

Runaways–fiction: Smith

School–fiction: Brown; Clements; Greenwald; Hurwitz; Johannes; Mellom; Pérez; Wientge; Yeh

School–stories: Underwood; Vernick

Science: Stewart

SCIENCE FICTION: Anderson; Cuevas; Graudin; Mabry

Seasons–stories: Henkes

Secrets–fiction: Nazemian

Sexual abuse–fiction: Wilson

Sharing–stories: Bernstein

Sheep–stories: Elliott


Sisters–fiction: Maschari; Perkins; Taylor; Wallace

Sisters–stories: Maloney

Skeletons–stories: Cuyler

South Asia–fiction: Khorana

Sports: Rappaport

Stepfamilies–fiction: Colbert

Storytime: Barnett; Bernstein; Cuyler; Denos; Elya; Fogliano; Henkes; Muth...


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