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  • Subject and Use Index

Keyed to The Bulletin’s alphabetical arrangement by author, this index, which appears in each issue, can be used in three ways. Entries in regular type refer to subjects; entries in bold type refer to curricular or other uses; entries in ALL-CAPS refer to genres and appeals. In the case of subject headings, the subhead “stories” refers to books for the readaloud audience; “fiction,” to those books intended for independent reading.

Abuse–fiction: Smith

ADVENTURE: Connolly; Graudin; Hatke; Holmes; Newman; Philbrick

African Americans: Mahin; Rappaport

African Americans–fiction: Colbert; Moore; Warner

Animals–stories: Bernstein; Elliott; Maloney

Appearance–fiction: Wientge

Architects: Going; Winter

Art: Going; Winter; Wood

Art and artists: Rinker; Wood

Asian Americans–fiction: Florence; Yee: Yeh

Astronomy: Cuevas

Baseball: Rappaport


BIOGRAPHIES: Brockenbrough; Engle Miguel; Going; Mahin; McCormick; Rappaport; Rinker; Tonatiuh; Winter; Wood

Biology: Stewart

Birds–stories: Davies; Gallaher

Birthdays–stories: Fogliano

Books and reading–fiction: Clements

Books and reading–stories: Elliott; Grant

Brothers–fiction: Moore

Brothers and sisters–fiction: Glaser, K.; Hatke; Hurwitz; Stiefvater; Valente; Wilson; Vernick

Cats–stories: Underwood

Clothing–stories: Wolff


Contests–fiction: Hautman

Contests–stories: Muth

Cousins–fiction: Cronin

Crime and criminals–fiction: Kuehn; Philbrick; Sirowy; Stork; Wilson

Cuba–fiction: Engle Forest

Dancers and dance: Tonatiuh

Death–fiction: Silvera

Demons–fiction: Yee

Disabilities–fiction: Hill; Vaught

Dystopias–fiction: Anderson; Mabry

Eating disorders–fiction: Maschari

Environmental studies: Engle Forest

Ethics and values: Brody; Greenwald; Hurwitz; Muth

Faith–fiction: Lauren

Families–fiction: Beasley; Cronin; Devlin; Engle Forest; Florence; Glaser, K.; Hautman; Lawson; Nazemian; Perkins; Van Draanen; Vaught; Vrabel; Wallace

Families–stories: Graham

FANTASY: Ameriie; Beasley; Brody; Connolly; Grant; Holmes; Khorana; Ness; Stiefvater; Valente; Yee

Farms–fiction: MacLachlan

Fate–fiction: Khorana

Fathers–fiction: Cuevas; Ness

Fathers–stories: Phi

Fish–stories: Rylant Henny

Fishing–stories: Phi

Folktales and fairy tales–fiction: Ameriie; Elya; Holmes; Glaser, L.; Soundar; Teague

Food and eating–fiction: Florence; Hautman [End Page 49]

Food and eating–stories: Glaser, L.; Teague

Foxes–stories: Trukhan

Friends–fiction: Beasley; Brody; Dairman; Greenwald; Hurwitz; Johannes; Maschari; Mellom; Newman; Sirowy; Smith; Vrabel

Friends–stories: Davies; Rylant Henny; Trukhan

Gangs–fiction: Moore

Gardening–fiction: Hill

Giants–fiction: Hatke

GLBTQ people–fiction: Colbert; Lauren; Ness; Silvera

Government: Brockenbrough


Grief–fiction: Cuevas; Moore; Newman; Wallace

Guilt–fiction: Cronin

Guinea pigs–stories: Maloney

Halloween–stories: Cuyler; Rylant Herbert

Hanukkah–stories: Glaser, L.


History, U.S.: Brockenbrough


Horses: McCormick

HUMOR: Barnett; Brown; Clements; Cuyler; Elliott; Foote; Gallaher; Glaser, K.; Glaser, L.; Johannes; Maloney; Philbrick; Rylant Henny; Rylant Herbert; Teague; Underwood; Vernick; Wolff

Identity–fiction: Brody; Greenwald; Lauren; Lawson; Nazemian; Van Draanen

Illness–fiction: Cronin; Dairman; Vrabel

Immigrants–fiction: Perkins

Immigrants–stories: Phi

India–stories: Soundar

Indian Americans–fiction: Perkins; Wientge

Insects: Stewart

Insects–stories: Foote

Iranian Americans–fiction: Nazemian

Islands–fiction: Cashore

Journalism–fiction: Stork

Kidnapping–fiction: Wilson

Korean War: McCormick

Language arts: Barnett

Latinos: Tonatiuh

Latinos–fiction: Cuevas; Engle Forest; Pérez; Stiefvater; Stork

LEGENDS: Connolly

Literature, children’s: Rinker

Literature, English: Valente

Literature, world: Engle Miguel

Magic–fiction: Brown

MAGICAL REALISM: Stiefvater; Wallace

Mathematics: Fishman

Mental illness–fiction: Colbert

Mexico–fiction: Stork

Missing persons–fiction: Devlin

Mothers–fiction: Devlin; MacLachlan; Mellom

Mothers–stories: Cole

Moving–fiction: Pérez

Moving–stories: Davies

Music and musicians: Mahin

Music and musicians–fiction: Hill; Pérez

MYSTERIES: Brown; Cashore; Dairman; Gallaher; Lawson; Philbrick; Sirowy; Trukhan; Vaught

Mythology, world: Yee

Nature study: Foote

Neighborhoods–stories: Denos

Night–stories: Cole; Denos

Numbers: Fishman

Pets–fiction: Cuevas; Warner

Pigs–stories: Rylant Herbert

Poetry: Engle Miguel

Racism: Rappaport

Reading aloud: Glaser, K.; Mahin

Reading, beginning: Bernstein; Henkes

Reading, easy: Johannes; Soundar; Warner

Reading, reluctant: Stewart

Reality television–fiction: Anderson

Relationships–fiction: Brody; Devlin; Mabry; Silvera; Taylor

Revolutionary War: Brockenbrough

RHYMING STORIES: Elya; Fogliano; Grant

Romance–fiction: Graudin; Mabry [End Page 50]

Runaways–fiction: Smith

School–fiction: Brown; Clements; Greenwald; Hurwitz; Johannes; Mellom; Pérez; Wientge; Yeh

School–stories: Underwood; Vernick

Science: Stewart

SCIENCE FICTION: Anderson; Cuevas; Graudin; Mabry

Seasons–stories: Henkes

Secrets–fiction: Nazemian

Sexual abuse–fiction: Wilson

Sharing–stories: Bernstein

Sheep–stories: Elliott


Sisters–fiction: Maschari; Perkins; Taylor; Wallace

Sisters–stories: Maloney

Skeletons–stories: Cuyler

South Asia–fiction: Khorana

Sports: Rappaport

Stepfamilies–fiction: Colbert

Storytime: Barnett; Bernstein; Cuyler; Denos...


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