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Wolff, Kathy What George Forgot; illus. by Richard Byrne. Bloomsbury, 2017 [26p]
ISBN 978-1-61963-871-6 $16.99
Reviewed from galleys R 4–7 yrs

George has his morning routine perfectly memorized but just as he is about to step outside, he gets the nagging feeling that he has forgotten something important. But what? (Storytime spectators may note George’s exposed polka-dot briefs and be tempted to shout out what George forgot.) To be sure he’s prepared for the school day, he mentally runs through all the things he has done; that laundry list of tasks is so daunting that it’s a wonder he can make time to sufficiently tease his sister. Even though his playful antics distract him from his routine enough to cause a temporary memory lapse, Sis comes through for him in the end with his missing pants. The cover art (dominated by an overstuffed dresser) and endpapers (filled with everything he needs to get ready) show evidence of just how much is involved in this kid’s morning routine. Pencil drawings are digitally colored with soft pastels that create a palette filled with both joyfulness and innocence, a tone well-suited to George’s angelic gaze that could get him out of nearly any jam. There is something admirable about the sincere youthful attempt at being organized, and getting lost in George’s messiness is part of the fun as George visualizes everything he did and allows viewers to get sidetracked along with him.



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