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  • Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2015–2016
  • Catherine H. Chengges

This checklist is based on current listings in on-line bibliographies and research done through Carlson Library at the University of Toledo. Useful databases included Ebsco (Academic Search Complete), FirstSearch (ArticleFirst, WorldCat, WorldCat Dissertations and Theses), and ProQuest (DAI).

1. Bibliographies

Chengges, Catherine H. "Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2014–2015." Eudora Welty Review 8 (Spring 2016): 173–79. Print.

2. Books

Cole, Susan Letzler. Serious Daring: The Fiction and Photography of Eudora Welty and Rosamond Purcell. Fayetteville: U of Arkansas P, 2016. Print.




1. Eudora Welty: Nine Photographs of Talking

2. Photography in Fiction

3. The Visualizing Mind

4. Doubling

5. Reverberations

6. Rosamond Wolff Purcell: Beginnings

7. Alchemy

8. Double Vision

9. Foraging and Reconfiguring

10. Images Rich and Strange

11. Wonder



Bibliography [End Page 141]

Pollack, Harriet. Eudora Welty's Fiction and Photography: The Body of the Other Woman. Athens: U of Georgia P, 2016. Print.


Preface. On Accidental Education and Reading the Body

Introduction. Written on the Symbolic Body: Reading the Pattern of the Other Woman

Understanding the Body of the Other Woman

Other Women's Bodies in Welty's "Girl Stories": Ladies, Flashers, and the Daring Escape of Female Sheltering

Welty's Photography and the Other Woman

Silence, Sheltering, and Exposure in "Music from Spain" and The Bride of the Innisfallen and Other Stories: Eudora Welty in John Robinson's Closet

Controversies in "Welty Criticism": Figuring the Body

Was Welty a Feminist? Wild-Haired Maternity, the Freak Body, and Comedy

"Before the Indifferent Beak Could Let Her Drop": Interrogating Rape—Comic and Otherwise—in Welty's Fiction

The Body of the Other Woman and the Performance of Race: What Welty Knew

Postscript. A Last Word on Continuity and Change in Welty's Career




3. Works by Welty

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4. Articles

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Millichap, Joseph R. "Eudora Welty, Photography, and Southern Narratives." The Language of Vision: Photography and Southern Literature in the...


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