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Recaps and Announcements from the Leonardo Community

Leonardo's 50th-AnniversAry GlobAl events

Starting mid-2017, we invite you to participate in our 18-month-long celebration of Leonardo's 50th anniversary. Almost half a century ago, kinetic artist and astronautical pioneer Frank Malina set out to meet the needs of artists and scientists working across disciplines by using the "new media" of the time, offset print publishing. Leonardo represented a unique vision that served as an international channel of communication among artists, with emphasis on the writings of artists using science and developing technologies in their work.

Today documenting and capturing the creative innovators and provocateurs of culture is not enough. If media is the messenger, then Leonardo must expand its scope to represent the unique works and challenges we face in the 21st century. As a network of networks, Leonardo is reimagining the next 50 years. We invite you to come along with us on this journey of rediscovery and reinvention and to join us at our 50th-anniversary events in 2017 listed below.

11–18 June, 2017: International Symposium on Electronic Art
Manizales, Colombia

Leonardo/ISAST kicks off its 50th-anniversary celebrations by hosting a panel discussion at ISEA 2017: Bio-Creation and Peace. ISEA is one of the world's most prominent international arts and technology events, bringing together scholarly, artistic and scientific domains in an interdisciplinary discussion and showcase of creative productions that apply new technologies in art, interactivity and electronic and digital media. Visit <> for more information.

22 June 2017: Laboratório de Arte Eletrônica at PUC-Rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The next 50th-anniversary event will be the "Art, Science and Technology: 50 Years of Leonardo/ISAST" special event organized by Laboratório de Arte Eletrônica at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUCRio). A cocktail party will follow the panel discussion at PUC-Rio, Campus Gávea. PUC-Rio is a doctoral research institution that focuses primarily on the development of academic and scientific knowledge. It is also a community of people, teachers, students and staff members united by a common interest in seeking the truth and acting in accordance with the needs of the society and with the ever-changing world around us. This reception is sponsored by NVIDIA. Visit <> for more information.

21–23 August 2017: Balance-Unbalance
Plymouth, United Kingdom

Leonardo/ISAST will hold a community dinner and panel to celebrate its 50th anniversary at the Balance-Unbalance (BunB) conference. The theme for BunB17 is "A Sense of Place." From meteorological data flows to temporal climate change models, our relationship with our environment is becoming more abstract, simulated and remote, tempering our desire to act.

The 6th edition of the BunB is produced by i-DAT in collaboration with the Sustainable Earth Institute and Art and Sound at Plymouth University, BunB17 is being produced in collaboration with North Devon's UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Beaford Arts and Fulldome U.K. Visit <> for more information.


Moved by the Aboriginal understandings of songlines or dreaming tracks, Norie Neumark's Voicetracks seeks to deepen an understanding of voice through listening to a variety of voicing/sound/voice projects from Australia, Europe and the United States. Not content with the often-dry tone of academic writing, the author engages a "wayfaring" process that brings together theories of sound, animal and posthumanist studies in order to change the ways we think about and act with the assemblages of living creatures, things, places and histories around us. See <>.


For the first time in history, all Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal issues are available online. Visit Project MUSE at <> to browse Leonardo issues from 1968 and LMJ issues from 1991 through the current issues of each. [End Page 345]


Scientific Delirium Madness is a collaborative initiative of Leonardo/ ISAST and the Djerassi Resident Artists Program (DRAP), which is an art/science...


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