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Calling your Name and other Works
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Maja Spasova, CALLING YOUR NAME, performance, Djerassi Foundation, 24 July 2016. (© Maja Spasova)

During the Scientific Delirium Madness Session at Djerassi, in the great company of wonderfully gifted people, I worked on multiple projects.

The new body of work that emerged from this period is marked by the challenging and inspiring conversations that arose in such an environment.

In the sound installation TODAY, as well as in CALLING YOUR NAME (a short film and performance), I explore the possibility of an entirely open situation, where chaos, anarchy and constant change are at play. Minimizing my power as the artist, I give the authority to the participants. Thus, I create a kind of raw material that can be experienced, thought of and recombined in many different ways.

TODAY is a sound installation based on multiple voices and random dates from past, present and future. Several channels of nonlinear time, fragmented to presumably exact entities, slowly create a volume of information, finally to dissolve into an absence of time.

The short film CALLING YOUR NAME was shot during several séances with the fellows of Djerassi as actors.

On 24 July, during Djerassi's Open House, I realized the performance CALLING YOUR NAME; the visitors were invited to take part.

After a short presentation of the idea and just a few words of instruction, the participants were free to create their own interpretations of CALLING YOUR NAME. Logically, the choreography was unpredictable and the outcome a complete surprise. Flow, multitude and mobility became the characteristics of this new work.

At Djerassi I also worked on the concepts for two new trilogies:

  • RED DOTS—an upcoming series of performances around the globe

  • DROPS IN THE OCEAN / IN THE VOID / NEW MOON—a series of environmental works, including elements of installation, performance and happening

Not last, in an ecstatic state of mind induced by the beautiful nature, I made more than 100 drawings.

Thank you, Djerassi! [End Page 244]

Maja Spasova