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Note from the Editor

With the publication of this issue it has been a year since I took over as Editor, and eighteen months since the journal’s move to Cambridge University Press. A great deal has happened since my last Editor’s note, published in July 2016.

I am very happy to report that we are receiving an increasing number of high-quality submissions of articles and squibs, and that we also have a healthy number of thematic issues in the works. While this means that the time from acceptance to print publication of an article has increased slightly, articles are published online as soon as they are ready, in the FirstView section of the journal’s website. The journal is now, as of 2017, published four rather than three times per year, in March, June, September, and December. Thanks to the increased submissions, publication is on schedule, with a good number of articles in the pipeline.

Over the past year, Cambridge has done a complete overhaul of its books and journals website; the link to the CJL is now <>. In addition, the full set of back issues of the journal (since its beginning in 1954) has been digitized by the people at CUP, and is now available online through the journal’s website. The full content is available to all members of the Association, and also through any library or other institution that has bought the archive. Note that for libraries this is a one-time purchase separate from the regular subscription; you may wish to let your library know that the archive is available.

I am also happy to report that our new online submission and review system is up and running; submissions can now be made via the “Submit your article” button on the journal’s main webpage. This has begun to reduce the amount of purely clerical work we have to do, and as the editorial team becomes more experienced with the new process we expect that even more efficiency will be achieved. Thanks to Nick Michal at CUP and the people at ScholarOne Manuscripts for their excellent work making this a reality.

Finally, the change to online submission and review triggered a general updating of all of our policies and guidelines. The updated documents are now available on the information page of the journal’s CUP website: <>.

It has been a very eventful year for the journal. I would like to acknowledge the hard work and valuable contributions of my co-editor, Heather Newell, book review editor Catherine Léger, our editorial assistants Brandon Fry (until November 2016) [End Page 335] and Andréia de Souza (since September 2016), and copy-editors Yannick Morin and Sarah Barnes. We look forward with enthusiasm to what the next year will bring, and to receiving even more excellent submissions to the journal. [End Page 336]

Elizabeth Cowper, Editor
University of Toronto