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These two poems will be included in my first book, “The Doctor of Flowers,” forthcoming from 3: A Taos Press. Among the themes of this collection are the loss of my daughter to pediatric cancer, grief, dream, and the experience of spirit.


  For Michaela   In memory of Isabel In temple between my daughters, one passed ten years now, so one in form and one a cloud of light still reaching for my hand, a concentration in the air, or sound from a shell ground to sand a thousand years ago— while the other takes my hand in hers, as if she feels her sister near as when they lay [End Page 153] against each other, kittens in a box of sunlight or cord connected birds— two parts of the one body— mine— soul hopes— one here and one there, and all among us this random crossing over to violet. [End Page 154]


In this dream I am writing in the shape of a horse, her tail like smoke or wind, her breath frost or the white energy of an angel whose spirit she mouths she is not sensible anymore— [End Page 155]

Rachel Blum

Rachel Blum lives in the United States, in Philadelphia. Her poems have recently appeared in American Literary Review, Taos Journal of Poetry, Confrontation, California Quarterly, and Shambhala Times.



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