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First, Do No Harm

I’ve had chronic eczema since I was 18–months–old, an autoimmune disease. As proud, responsible parents, Bob and I always supported our doctor’s advice. That included following the vaccine schedule in the 1960’s, DPT and Polio. I now realize, because of my autoimmune disease, our three girls should have been vaccinated with extreme caution.

My first two children had reactions to their DPT shots, spending their young childhood sick and on antibiotics, eventually having their tonsils removed at 4–and 6–years–old. It wasn’t until my third child’s severe reaction to her DPT shot did I experience the true danger of vaccines. I was so confused! I couldn’t understand why her doctor said her reaction was normal when I knew there was nothing normal about wild uncontrollable screaming for eight hours, not eating, sleeping over 15 hours, exploding with diarrhea, and being defensive to us touching her. I didn’t understand why she didn’t ‘return to normal’ if her vaccine reaction was normal like I had assumed it was with the other girls. I didn’t understand why no one believed me; my doctor, my family, my friends. I was all–alone in the world of vaccine injury.

No, I do not hold the same views of vaccinating today as I did fifty years ago, and yes I believe there are many, many things that can resolve the controversy surrounding vaccinations.

Society needs a responsible vaccine program that is honest and open with the American public. I do not trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccine program—at all. They have taken the word “control and prevention” to extremes. Where is the safety? They add new vaccines at every opportunity as they go state–by–state removing all vaccine exemptions; religious, philosophical, and yes, medical. If the CDC acted responsibly and made vaccine safety a priority, they would not need to mandate vaccines.

As citizens of the United States, we cannot allow our Government, thus the CDC, to take away the freedom of families to choose which vaccines they feel are safe when long–term studies required on pharmaceutical drugs are not required for vaccines. To better understand the CDC Vaccine Testing and Approval Process, please see–approve.html

As an example, the Hepatitis B vaccine, on the CDC immunization schedule, is given at birth to all infants while still in the hospital. Many parents [End Page E5] report to me they are not even aware their child is being vaccinated at birth. Please see the 2016 CDC Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children found here–to–read/child.html

The United States has the second highest sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) rate for a developing country. Why? Is the CDC comparing their recommended childhood vaccine schedule to the rise in SIDS? To me, this is such an obvious question. For more information on SIDS statistics, please see Georgetown University, National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health, Chart 3 retrieved from–sids/statistics/

Time has shown that vaccines do not give life–long immunity. Babies do die or have uncontrollable seizures following their vaccinations. Children become sick and behaviors drastically change. Autism is real. Shedding or becoming contagious to others around you, after a vaccine, is real. For more information on shedding, see the Weston A. Price Foundation (Feb 2, 2015) Studies Show that Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease. Should the Recently Vaccinated be Quarantined to Prevent Outbreaks?–show–that–vaccinated–individuals–spread–disease/ . It has been proven time–and–time again that herd immunity does not happen. Most children who are part of a disease outbreak, like the mumps outbreak recently in Arkansas, were fully vaccinated. Please see Your News Wire, Sean Adl–Tabatabal (Sep 18, 2016) Mumps Outbreak in Arkansas Spread by Vaccinated Children–outbreak–in–arkansas–spread–by–vaccinated–children/

I was shocked to recently learn from pregnant mothers that obstetricians are vaccinating them, the pregnant mom, and strongly...