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We are pleased to publish the final issue for volume six of Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (NIB).

The narrative symposium in this issue looks at vaccinations—specifically how parents make decisions for their children on vaccinations. The narrative symposium editors, Daniel Bustillos and Bradley Thornock, in concert with NIB’s editorial staff, wrote the call for stories and invited the commentators. The symposium offers personal stories from the viewpoint of parents about how they decide if vaccinations are a good and healthy fit for their children. Kenneth Haller, Bernice L. Hauseman, Jacob Heller, and Heidi Y. Lawerence wrote the four commentary articles on these narratives. They offer varied areas of expertise that include pediatric medicine, the rhetoric of medical and scientific controversies, vaccine controversy studies, and sociology.

The research article in this issue written by Holly A. Taylor, “Review and Conduct of Human Subjects Research after a Natural or Man–Made Disaster: Findings from a Pilot Study,” asks, how can human subject research help our public health systems better prepare for natural or man–made disasters, while taking seriously the vulnerabilities of populations who have been harmed by these disasters? This article explores the topic by analyzing 17 in–depth interviews discussing the “ethical concerns and challenges encountered by investigators and IRBs in their review and conduct of post–disaster research.”

The case study, “The Clinical Bioethicist’s Role: Should We Aim to Relieve Suffering?” by Deborah L. Kasman looks at the case of a terminally ill, young patient dealing with terrible suffering and the responsibility of clinical ethicists in helping to relieve suffering in such cases. This case discusses the idea of how a bioethicist can be part “of the delivery of ethical and compassionate care to the patient.”

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