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  • “Dream Out of Reach”
  • Aikaterini Grigoriadou (bio)

Cavafy’s poetry reveals the greatness and weakness of human nature; it combines the truths and the myths of human history and provides a path that leads to inner understanding and the development of the entire human person. If someone asks how I understand Cavafy’s work, I can only reply by saying that it is almost impossible to understand, but easy enough to feel. In his lyrics I hear music, I see light and darkness, and I seem to feel “life” itself. As often as I feel my life revealed by his poetry, equally often I find that I lose myself within it.

And so I respond, with a poem ...


Εκείνες τις νύχτες, τις πιο μοναχικέςέρχεσαιμιλάς για το φως, το σκοτάδικαι στην ανάσα της νυχτιάς χωράς τα περασμένα,τα μελλούμενα σε μια λέξη τραγουδάςΑλήθεια, πώς το κάνεις;

΄Επειτα, μιλάς για τη ζωή–συγνώμη, αν η ψυχή είναι φτωχή και δεν καταλαβαίνει–από το χέρι με κρατάς, με παςανάμεσα σε μύθους και αλήθειεςσ’ένα καράβι παλιό, πολυταξιδεμένοπλαγιάζει στο καρτάτι η ανθρωπιά του κόσμου

Μα μόλις σαλπάρω ξημερώνεικι εσύ σαν όνειρο χάνεσαι με την αυγή

Αχ! Να μπορούσα να σ’αδράξω!Όμως ποτέ κανείς δεν μπόρεσε ούτε τώρα, ούτε σ’άλληεποχήνα σε κρατήσει [End Page 1] Άπιαστο όνειρο

Μόνη ανάμνηση απομένει η ψυχήκι από το πρώτο το σκαλί εδώ που βρίσκομαι:“Έρχομαι, έρχομαι,” φωνάζει“Περίμενέ με στην Ιθάκη …”

Dream Out of Reach

On the loneliest nights of allyou comespeaking of light, of darkness,you enfold the past in a nighttime breathand sing the future in a single word.Honestly, how do you do that?

Next you speak of life–pardon me, if the soul is too poor to comprehend–holding me by the hand, bearing meaway toward myths and truthson an old boat, travel-weary,the world’s humanity tied to the mast

But as soon as I take ship, dawn breaksand you fade like a dream at first light

If only I could hold on to you!But no one ever has,not now, and not in ages past,no one holds you.

A dream out of reachThe soul is the only lasting trace,and here, on the very first step where I now find myself,“I’m coming, I’m coming,” it cries,“wait on me at Ithaca.” [End Page 2]

Aikaterini Grigoriadou
Georgia State University
Aikaterini Grigoriadou

Aikaterini Grigoriadou was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. In Spring 2016, she completed a bachelor of music performance with a minor in anthropology from Georgia State University, Summa cum Laude, and with Advanced and Research Honors. She also completed an honors thesis, “The Artistic Contributions of Women in Antiquity: Art and Spirituality in the Works of Sappho and Hildegard.” In addition to her studies at GSU, Grigoriadou holds four more diplomas in music with excellence in violin and harmony from the Municipal Conservatory of Thessaloniki, in monody from the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki, and in counterpoint from Melodia Conservatory in Thessaloniki. At GSU, she was awarded the Peter Harrower Scholarship, the AHEPA Scholarship, the Aileen and Chris Valianos Music Scholarship, and the first Student Paper Undergraduate Award from the Center for Hellenic Studies for “The Destruction of Smyrna and its Artistic Legacy.” Grigoriadou is pursuing a master’s degree in anthropology at GSU. Grigoriadou’s current research interest is on the lived experiences of crisis among artists, and especially musicians, in Thessaloniki.



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