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  • Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2014–2015
  • Catherine H. Chengges
Catherine H. Chengges
University of Toledo

This checklist is based on current listings in on-line bibliographies and research done through Carlson Library at the University of Toledo. Useful databases included Ebsco (Academic Search Complete), FirstSearch (ArticleFirst, WorldCat, WorldCat Dissertations and Theses), and ProQuest (DAI).

1. Bibliographies

Chengges, Catherine H. “Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2013–2014.” Eudora Welty Review 7 (Spring 2015): 129–33. Print.
McHaney, Pearl. “Eudora Welty.” Oxford Bibliographies. 21 Jan. 2016. Web. DOI 10.1093/obo/9780199827251-0125. [A prose introduction to Welty, followed by an annotated bibliography organized by General Overviews, Reference Works, Archives and Collections, Journals, Biographies, Primary Texts, Reception, Criticism]

2. Books

Welty, Eudora, and Ross Macdonald. Meanwhile There Are Letters: Correspondence of Eudora Welty and Ross Macdonald. Ed. Suzanne Marrs and Tom Nolan. Arcade: New York, 2015. Print.

Chapter One: “I love and need and learn from my friends, they are the continuity of my life.”: 1970–1971

Chapter Two: “We haven’t known each other terribly long, but we know each other well.”: 1972

Chapter Three: “Love & connections”: 1973

Chapter Four: “If one of your letters could be rotten there’d be nothing sound left in heaven or on earth.”: 1974

Chapter Five: “Simply but infinitely complex expressions of love and courtesy.”: 1975

Chapter Six: “I dreamed I was sending you the dream I was dreaming.”: 1976 [End Page 173]

Chapter Seven: “Sometimes your insight is so dazzling that I have to shut my eyes.”: 1977

Chapter Eight: “Our friendship blesses my life and I wish life could be longer for it.”: 1978

Chapter Nine: “What we need is one another.”: 1979

Chapter Ten: “Every day of my life I think of you with love.”: 1980–1982

Appendix: “Henry,” an unfinished story by Eudora Welty Acknowledgements



Wolff, Sally. A Dark Rose: Love in Eudora Welty’s Stories and Novels. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 2015. Print.

“A fruitful marriage. That simple thing”: Early Stories of Rural Love

“The quiet arcade of identity”: Grief and Aloneness

“Like a rose forced into premature bloom”: Dreaming and Telling in “A Memory”

“Gossamer and roses”: Fantasy and Responsibility in The Robber Bridegroom

“Got thorns”: The Complex Loves of Delta Wedding

A “little sweetheart rose in his lapel”: The Heart of the Ponders

“With rosettes”: The Golden Apples

“Roses as headlights”: The Bride of the Innisfallen

“Like the stamens in a dainty bess rose”: The Love Story in Losing Battles

“It was the old wood that did the blooming”: The Optimist’s Daughter and One Writer’s Beginnings

“A dark rose”: Eudora Welty’s Love Stories

3. Articles

Agner, Jacob. “Eudora Welty Research Fellowship, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Summer 2014.” Eudora Welty Review 7 (Spring 2015): 125–27. Print. [End Page 174]
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Gretlund, Jan Nordby. “Biography or Novel? Eudora Welty’s Bestseller.” Heads on Fire: Essays on Southern Fiction. Odense: UP of Southern Denmark, 2014. 87–100. Print. [One Writer’s Beginnings...


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