The following reports delineate the most recent experiences and insights gleaned by Samuel Totten, a scholar of genocide studies based in the United States, as he traveled up into the war-torn Nuba Mountains in Sudan during December 2014 and April-May 2015. During the course of both trips, accompanied by an interpreter and a driver, both from the Nuba Mountains, he served as a witness to the ongoing aerial attacks by the government of Sudan against Nuba civilians (in their villages, on their farms, in open marketplaces, in their schools, and in places of worship) and delivered food (sorghum, lentils, dried beans, salt, sugar, and cooking oil) to those Nuba in the most dire need. An untold number of Nuba have been forced out of their villages and off their farms due to the aerial bombings, and without access to their farms and stores of food, many, particularly those residing in the remotest regions, are experiencing everything from malnutrition to severe malnutrition to starvation.


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