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  • Value Proposition
  • Carter Smith (bio)

This is how he told it. He said cultivatea value proposition. He said,about money, either give it what it wantsor give it what it needs. He said structureswant to survive. He said gifteconomy, but how he saidwill you survive? He mayhave been a teacher. I assumehe hated Marx. Everything he saiddescribed a system of relation. At which timeI thought about a tableand a room with a window and my loveof the sight of the field.I was sitting in a sandwich shop.He was talking to two young men,who were listening. No one saidyou will want something to save you. No onesaid of all the work it will not be enough. [End Page 13]

Carter Smith

Carter Smith’s poems have appeared in Pequod, Pleiades, Borderlands, and The Packingtown Review. A book, ROUNDS, is forthcoming from Further Other Book Works. He lives in North Carolina.



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