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  • Provision for the Higher Ozone Body *
  • Will Alexander (bio)

Will Alexander, Poet and Essayist: A Special Section

A beaker of yeast on a phantom blood horizon sustaining my stoma my triangular body as hearth while imbibing hebrephrenia in the void of a dusty electrical house

alive in a vanished ozone square like a magic hydrogen beast in a jewel honing my priority to elevated ferret to quantifiable opacity in that I am able to hunt for trout in plentiful sucrose heat in fiery ratios of bark in gulfs of angry neutron data

because I claim the fructose of flesh with splinters I agree upon darkened chemical plans to take away sequentials to re-enforce the blood which ignites the omniscient smoke of ritual Cherokee spiders

much like the power to secretly ingest hemp to curiously spill water feasting within the sands of alchemical Polynesias within blazing stochastics eating sheets of interior hawk or anomalous dandelion lashings or ice from cold cilantro chowders [End Page 383]

or say I drink blood from a haphazard sparrow or swallow peppers from a swirling Mongolian leper's nest I am linked to primordial kerosene example to floods to symbols of Assyrian hunting assemblage

displaced & obsessed with contaminated grammar which forfeits prophetic ore or the force of Uranian cobalt fragments I mellifluously rise into higher thermal assertion by placing intuitive stones around a sink of explosive shadows

I then re-engender the bottomless & make 2 or 3 bickerings of ice vanish into the source of Mexican agua

there then exists the eating of lions on behalf of the alchemical hurricane body on behalf of its higher levitational beryllium its claws its emblems of eclectic butane & voltage & it is this voltage by which one staggers like an Amethyst fish like a monstrous chaparral of limits on fire with that which annuls the lower gold to a higher state of buffeted emergence

as if under the camouflage of cataracts I were to dwell on glassy vertigo soils compelled by roaring anodyne volcanoes every reason exists to impose my scrolls on blank omega warrens

therefore being able to breathe at living volational scale life as spurious mirror must be emptied must transcend the flaw in piacular bullocks so that the bulk [End Page 384] the monerons the chasms will emit as oracular bounty a salt a distanced prince capable of Alephs at the pitch of the transmuted ozone body

Will Alexander

Will Alexander is the author of six books, including Asia & Haiti, The Stratospheric Canticles, and Towards the Primeval Lightning Field. Asia & Haiti was a PEN finalist in 1996. His more recent work has been published in Orpheus Grid, XCP, Fence, Chain, and Hambone.


* From Above the Human Nerve Domain (Pavement Saw Press, 1999). Reprinted by permission of the author.


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