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In the 5.1 Vandalism issue of Change Over Time, the abstract in Gennari-Santori’s article, “Images in the Piazza: The Destruction of a Work by Marizio Cattelan (Milan, May 2004)” on page 79, was incorrect. The correct abstract is included here:

Flaminia Gennari Santori


In May 2004, the day after it was unveiled, Untitled—an installation by Maurizio Cattelan on display in a public square in Milan—was partly destroyed by a man who felt it was offensive. The next day, Untitled was removed from public sight amidst a heated debate. The removal of the work of a famous artist, commissioned by a prestigious cultural institution for one of the most symbolic squares of the city, was immediately turned by the press into a metaphor for the cultural decadence of the city; the event and its aftermath engendered a public discussion on what is legitimate to show in public spaces as well as about the role of the “captive audience,” a central issue for the understanding of the destruction of public art. This article analyzes the reception and political implications of this paradigmatic example of vandalism within the context of recent cases of iconoclasm and the long-term history and meaning of public images. [End Page 305]



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