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abiti moo just a moment
abiti moo kanda an sa kanda moo just a moment and they will not sing any
abiti moo
abiti moo wai an sa wai moo just a moment
linbo o tyubi a pau baaku just a moment and they will not have fun
sundyi o tapa   any more
daylight will hide behind the trees
abiti moo darkness will fall
abiti moo lafu an sa lafu moo
buka ku tanda o feekete tiipa just a moment
woyo puuma o teeme just a moment and they will not laugh any
abiti moo mouth and teeth will forget the stomach
agba o wei the eyebrows will tremble
buka an sa fan moo
just a moment
abiti moo te gangaa o wei u tyai edi the cheeks will become tired
the mouth will no longer open
meni y’ seei
sondi an ta go bunu just a moment
sondi o pasa when the neck will refuse to carry the head
tanda ku tongo o biya be aware
tanda ku tongo o biya things aren’t going well
[Aukaans] terrible things are going to happen
teeth and tongue are going to fight
teeth and tongue are going to fight
André Pakosie

André Pakosie was born at Diitabiki, the residence on the Tapanahoni River of the “Gaanman,” the Paramount Chief of the Ndyuka tribe of Suriname. An herbalist, poet and historian, he has written extensively on the Maroons of Suriname. His scholarship includes De dood van Boni and “Benpenimaunsu, Gaanman der Ndyuka van 1759 tot heden, van Fabi Labi tot Gazon Matodja.” His essay “Maroon Leadership and the Surinamese State (1760–1990)” appeared in the Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law in the United Kingdom and his (and C.N. Dubbelaar’s) study of an indigenous syllabic script of the Ndyuka Maroon, “Kago Buku: Notes by Captain Kago from Tabiki, Tapanahoni River, Suriname,” was published in New West Indian Guide. Since 1991 he has been owner of Fytotheek Pakosie, a practice for traditional Maroon medicine in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


1. Mbei goonliba jei (N. P.: n. p., 1978). Rpt. Spiegel van de Surinaamse Poëzie, ed. Michiel van Kempen. (Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1995), 654.


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