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  • Studies in English Literature 1500–1900Volume 54, 2014


Abstracts, Autumn 1003
Abstracts, Spring 527
Abstracts, Summer 769
Abstracts, Winter 255
Andrews, Meghan C., “Gender, Genre, and Elizabeth’s Princely Surrogates in Henry IV and Henry V 375
Bishop, Benjamin Joseph, “Metonymy and the Dense Cosmos of Bleak House 793
Bujak, Nick, “The Form of Media History: Narrator-Space and The Lay of the Last Minstrel 697
Caldwell, Ellen M., “Opportunistic Portia as Fortuna in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice 349
Callander, Julia K., “Cannibalism and Communion in Swift’s ‘Receipt to Restore Stella’s Youth’” 585
Cavendish-Jones, Colin, “Oscar Wilde’s Radically Revised View of China” 923
Ferguson, Frances, “Recent Studies in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century” 717
Genovese, Michael, “Middlemen and Marriage in Mary Davys’s The Reform’d Coquet 555
Goldstein, David B., “Jews, Scots, and Pigs in The Merchant of Venice 315
Hequembourg, Stephen, “The Poetics of Materialism in Cavendish and Milton” 173
Houston, Chloë, “Persia and Kingship in William Cartwright’s The Royall Slave (1636)” 455
Hunt, Maurice, “Thomas Nashe, The Vnfortvnate Traveller, and Love’s Labour’s Lost 297
Irish, Bradley J., “The Rivalrous Emotions in Surrey’s ‘So crewell prison’” 1
Jewusiak, Jacob, “Large-Scale Sympathy and Simultaneity in George Eliot’s Romola 853
Kantor, Jamison, “Burke, Godwin, and the Politics of Honor” 675
Klimaszewski, Melisa, “Rebuilding Charles Dickens’s Wreck and Rethinking the Collaborative” 815
Lambert, James S., “Spenser’s Epithalamion and the Protestant Expression of Joy” 81
Lecky, Kat, “Naturalization in the Mirror and A Mask 125
Lupton, Christina, “Gender and Materiality on the Eighteenth-Century Page” 605
Lupton, Julia Reinhard, “Recent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama” 475
Maioli, Roger, “David Hume, Literary Cognitivism, and the Truth of the Novel” 625
Marcus, Leah S., “Recent Studies in the English Renaissance” 193
Martin, Catherine Gimelli, “Milton’s and Donne’s Stargazing Lovers, Sex, and the New Astronomy” 143
Morrow, Christopher L., “Corporate Nationalism in Thomas Dekker’s The Shoemaker’s Holiday 423
O’Rourke, James, “What Never Happened: Social Amnesia in Sense and Sensibility 773
Parry, David, “Sacrilege and the Economics of Empire in Dryden’s Annus Mirabilis 531
Peak, Anna, “Servants and the Victorian Sensation Novel” 835
Phillips, Joshua, “Monasticism and Idleness in Spenser’s Late Poetry” 59
Pinch, Adela, “Recent Studies in the Nineteenth Century” 943
Preedy, C. K., “(De)Valuing the Crown in Tamburlaine, Dido Queen of Carthage, and Edward II 259
Rainof, Rebecca, “George Eliot’s Screaming Statues, Laocoon, and the Pre-Raphaelites” 875
Roberts, Bethan, “Literary Past and Present in Charlotte Smith’s Elegiac Sonnets 649
Roychoudhury, Suparna, “Anatomies of Imagination in Shakespeare’s Sonnets” 105
Shirley, Christopher, “Sodomy and Stage Directions in Christopher Marlowe’s Edward(s) II 279
Slater, Michael, “Spenser’s Poetics of ‘Transfixion’ in the Allegory of Chastity” 41
Smith, Matthew J., “The Experience of Ceremony in Henry V 401
Werlin, Julianne, “Providence and Perspective in Philip Sidney’s Old Arcadia 25
Wong, Amy R., “The Poetics of Talk in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island 901

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