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  • Nocturne: Oneiros: A Haitian Train
  • Rachel E. Harding (bio)

not yet ghosts  bodies unraveling into white of raiment       what would be         blur     hastens     turns back two open hands the colorlessness of palms fast in the new dye indigo stain fingers wrapped in leaves blood stopped whir of wheels along the track    flash of body      a stutter   mouthful of lace . . .


two dark women in bare feet in the rush air swift past   the closed and transparent windows   of a haitian train bright    of their long clothes sweeps bush and nightgrass like low birds  flying what glimpse they give is dance startled  into   some new intention fugitive body of wind from out of dream  somewhere to someone calling they run like   a fright  or   a comfort no mark on the soft ground


white is a whisper a candle a shroud      fitful light of summons   the serviteur’s lingering breath . . .

Rachel E. Harding

Rachel E. Harding, a native of Atlanta, is a Latin American historian, writer and arts consultant living in Denver, Colorado. Her work has appeared previously in Callaloo as well as in other literary magazines and in anthologies.


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