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arms crossed. Papa Legba is between the rows of rice.  off the coast at Daufuskie.

twelfth hour in the road day or night is asking for trouble. all height of him leaned at the corner. straw hat put no shadow in the street. eye black. eye blue. ear cocked to the utterance of affliction; “tell Papa what the problem is tell me what’s wrong; i’ll fix it.”

bony hands at the barn house shake the thresh basket shake the seeds loose.

a high-wind Sunday raised the cypress up;   miraculous midday cyclone     falsetto accusation of leaves the choired weight whirled heavy chastisement in descent; heavy as the sum of all sins heavier even than the sweet-smell bark flat as a forge against Caleb Wiley’s whip-cracking shoulders;       he swallowed fast.       left a team of horses at the gate.       a mother to mourn. the negroes said the sun was awful high.

Rachel E. Harding

Rachel E. Harding, a native of Atlanta, is a Latin American historian, writer and arts consultant living in Denver, Colorado. Her work has appeared previously in Callaloo as well as in other literary magazines and in anthologies.