This study examines correlates that contribute to sexually aggressive attitudes toward women. Using a sample that includes 217 college males from 3 southern universities, the study evaluates the relationship between college men’s hypermasculine and sexually aggressive attitudes, as well as how fraternity membership and disinhibition moderate this relationship. We hypothesized that sexually aggressive attitudes would be associated with a 3-way interaction among disinhibition, fraternity membership, and hypermasculine attitudes; this hypothesis was not supported. In addition, we hypothesized a similar 3-way interaction with hostility toward women as the dependent variable, as research suggests this is a precursor to sexually aggressive attitudes. Although this hypothesis was not supported, this study did reveal significant 2-way interactions: Fraternity Membership × Hypermasculinity and Fraternity Membership × Disinhibition. These results are further explained, and future directions are explored.


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