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For the crows to come home there must besomething to eat. Something newly bornor newly dead. Either way, the fence linescaw deep into the evening. The black swells

with beaks that rise and sink themselvesinto garbage bins, parking lots, the sidesof the road. If in the winter we are alonewith death, we are now together with it.

Its wings are on the power lines, reflectedin our windows. When the heat kicks onand drowns the night sounds, the full moonfinds their eyes and says, If not for those walls[End Page 525]

John A. Nieves

john a. nieves has poems forthcoming or recently published in Beloit Poetry Journal, The Southeast Review, and cream city review. His first book, Curio, won the Elixir Press Annual Poetry Award Judge’s Prize. He is an assistant professor of English at Salisbury University. He received his MA from the University of South Florida and his PhD from the University of Missouri.