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  • Latin American Research ReviewVolume 49 Number 3 2014

culinária e alimentação em gilberto freyre: raça, identidade e modernidade
Nil Castro da Silva

reflections on regime change and democracy in bahia, brazil
Julián Durazo Herrmann

habla y escritura en vidas sêcas de graciliano ramos
Luis Alfredo Intersimone

imagining ecuadorians: historicizing national identity in twentieth-century otavalo, ecuador
Sergio Miguel Huarcaya

the emergence of the “temporary mexican”: american agriculture, the us congress, and the 1920 hearings on the temporary admission of illiterate mexican laborers
Alejandra Filindra

concentración y extranjerización del capital en la argentina reciente: ¿mayor autonomía nacional o incremento de la dependencia?
Andrés Wainer y Martín Schorr

the territorialization of ethnopolitical reforms in colombia: chocó as a case study
Marcela Velasco Jaramillo

the impact of conditional cash transfers on educational inequality of opportunity
Andrés Ham

beyond contratos de protección: strong and weak unionism in mexican retail enterprises
Chris Tilly


the role of drug-related violence and extortion in promoting mexican migration: unexpected consequences of a drug war
Viridiana Rios Contreras

social disorganization and crime: searching for the determinants of crime at the community level
Bráulio Figueiredo Alves da Silva [End Page 305]



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