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The Middle East Journal editorial staff regrets to inform our readers that we made a few typographic and editorial mistakes in our recent Spring Issue. At the request of the author, we would like to note the following corrections in the article “The Pashtunistan Issue and Politics in Afghanistan, 1947– 1952,” by Faridullah Bezhan (pp. 197–209):

  • • The cable cited in Footnote 13 (p. 200) should be dated 6th June 1951, not 1967.

  • • Page 201 should read that support from India and the Soviet Union for the Pashtunistan issue also enhanced Daud’s position, rather than Shah Mahmud.

  • • Footnote 21 (p. 201) cites High Commissioner Sir Alexander Burdett’s text directly and does not need “Quoted in.”

  • • Pashtun tribes began migrating to northern and western Afghanistan in the late 19th century, and not only in the early 20th, as mentioned on p. 202.

We hereby apologize for Dr. Bezhan for the errors and to you, our readers, as well. Since 1947, The Middle East Journal has been a vital reference to scholars, policy makers, and lay readers alike, we therefore view rectifying these errors as necessary to our mission of promoting understanding of the Middle East, while striving to uphold the highest standards of scholarship.

The Editorial Staff [End Page 496]